Ok, so here’s the wrap-up of our trip with our married kids to Europe (links to the other parts at the end of this post).

After our evening at “The Hut” overlooking all that beauty, we visited Tal and Anita at their home the next morning. LOVED seeing where they live, (they had moved since the last time we were there), filled up with such a good mix of Eyre and Anita’s awesome Swiss family. We bid them goodbye and headed to our last stops.

Once again, these next stops knocked our socks off with their beauty.

How to see some of the best of Switzerland in a day and a half

My personal opinion is that you need to see Switzerland from above as well as below. We saw it from above in Flims,
climbing the Flimserstein as well as from The Hut, and we saw it from below down in the valleys looking up into all that beauty.

We sure saw it from above and below in Lauterbrunnen, Wengen and Grindelwald as well.

Here’s how:

Start in Lauterbrunnen

Check into your little hotel right there on the Main Street.

Bask in the beauty for a little bit.

Climb up behind the waterfall that is right in the middle of that picturesque town.

Check out how beautiful the valley is below:

Take a train up to Wengen.

(While eating a quick “lunch” of bread and cheese from the local market.)

Go on a goose chase trying to find the viewpoint where the “spectacular view” is promised…

…without much luck, but at least it’s beautiful!

End up realizing the best place to see it all is actually back in the town from the little church, bells ringing above you.

Take a whole bunch of pictures on your way back down to Lauterbrunnen because really, those big windows on the train serve a purpose: framing that spectacular view:

Back down in Lauterbrunnen, take a long walk back down along the valley floor.

Sit and talk in the green grass for a while, talking through the world.

Realize your son is laying in the same position that reminds you of a picture from when he was oh, so little, so you snap a shot.

Because really, how in the world did he morph so fast from this into that tall young man??

Take a cheesy picture in the middle of that valley.

Marvel, for about the 47th time, how awesome the wood stacking skills are in Italy and Switzerland:

And the churches. Oh how I love them!

Enjoy a delicious Swiss dinner sitting out in the patio nestled right in the center of gorgeousness.

Make the short drive to Grindelwald

(Especially since you didn’t see it last time you were in Switzerland since it was so rainy back then.)

Just when you think there is no possible way for the world to get more beautiful, it does.

Plan ahead to find parking because that can be tricky I have to say.

Then find this spot:

…Where you meet your paragliding instructor and head up the “First” mountain pronounced “Feeerst” to watch your kids take off (there were only four paragliding appointments available and since you got to go before and you know how cool it is, you are almost more excited for your kids than they are, and also, their dad is graciously so happy to let them go as well:)

A few “butterflies” en route up the mountain:

Paragliding in Grindelwald

Watch your kids take off (into a complete cloud where they later tell you they popped right out above the sunny valley):

That’s some excitement right there.

Spend a couple hours just loving that view.

Love it even more when your husband picks up some good stuff to enjoy it with:

Sit at your little table there on the balcony just taking in that whole vista.

Clouds coming, clouds going.

Walk the suspended walkway (“Cliffwalk”) to see every ounce of it all that you can.

Warning: it will be tough to tear yourself away.

En route back down the mountain at the middle gondola stop, join in on your husband’s whim to rent some little “trike bikes” to roll down all that beauty for a little, adventurous day-date:

Meanwhile, your kids are just on cloud nine after completing a successful paragliding adventure:


Meet up with their glowing excitement and hear all about it over lunch.

Then start the long drive for seven hours back to Venice.

That is an adventure in and of itself, those roads!

Winding snakelike up and down these huge mountains, tunnels through waterfalls (check out the waterfall routed right over the tunnel we drive through in this video below):

Appreciate that your husband is the best driver ever getting you through construction, bikers, vistas like you cannot believe.

Eventually you will get to a real freeway with huge signs to lead you all the way back to Venice.

The sun setting on a grand adventure:

Girls ready for us to get home:

Take the dreaded pre-flight covid tests:

And sit back, basking in those memories that are filling up your heart.

…to find your girls waiting for you right at your gate in Utah (just in time for your nephew’s wedding the next day).

Such a happy reunion!

Meanwhile, thank your lucky stars that your daughter and her husband made it to see the glittering Eiffel Tower lights in Paris on their long connection back to their own home:

(They lived it up, but that’s a post for their own blog some day:)

Yes, that was our style to see as much of Switzerland as we could squeeze in in a couple days, some of the best days!

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  1. What a beautiful trip!! I hope to make it there one day with my hubby and see all this glory, what an awesome Creator we have!! Thanks for sharing all of your great pictures. How long was your trip?

    1. It was seven days including the travel. We really cruised through all this, but we all loved being on the move and seeing as much as we possibly could. We stayed in a different place each night and spent three days in Italy and three in Switzerland all together. I’m trying to figure out how to attach the itinerary here so I don’t have to keep emailing it, but I’ll send it to you if you’d like! It’s tricky to plan trips like this so I’m so happy to share!

  2. Love that area! What a shame you didn’t go to the top of Jung Frau, but maybe that is an excuse to go back! What a blessing to be able to go with your grown married children and spouses.

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