Who could have guessed that my children (the ones who are picky as can be with so darn many things) would be head-over-heels in love with pomegranates.  Each year during the holidays we buy them and the kids can’t get enough of those little red “seeds.”  I love them too, and LOVE to put them in salads.
The problem is that it’s time-consuming to extract those suckers.  And in the process of seeding them they tend to stain stuff.  They make a giant mess.
Dave jumped to action this year and somehow figured out how to seed those things lickety-split.
And the kids were fascinated.
So fascinated they made me laugh and get out the camera πŸ™‚
Here’s how you do it:
Score the edges around the perimeter.  (Don’t actually cut it in half.)
Pull apart.
Loosen it up by stretching out the sides and edges.  
Turn each side upside-down above a bowl and tap it with a wooden spoon.

Those tasty thing will just fall like rain from their “home.”

And there you will have it:  nice, juicy pomegranate seeds to put in salads or eat by the spoonful if you’re one of my children πŸ™‚

Easy peasy.

And no mess.

And a husband who does it.  Can it get better than that?


Happy weekend!

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  1. Thank you!! I love them too but they are always so difficult to get out. Costco used to have them already seeded and in a container for you but I haven't seen that forever. Thanks for the helpful hint Dave!

  2. I remember eating them (one time a year, in December) when I was a little girl, and yes, it was messy. So I never passed that tradition along to my own kids. For the first time ever, I saw a container of just the seeds at our Target grocery store. I was actually thinking of buying some for when they come home for the holidays. But, thanks to you, I can get the whole fruit if I desire!

  3. Another easy way is to divide the pomegranate into three or four sections then submerge the sections in water and rub the seeds with your thumb. They fall right out and sink and the white membrane stuff floats to the top!

  4. Oh I just LOVE those little seeds:) When my sister and I were younger we split one and sat at the dining room table for a long time just digging those little seeds out, but it was so worth it. Two nights later at dinner our Parents couldn't figure out what had stained the ceiling of the dining room! My sister and I sat there quietly but then confessing that it may be pomegranate juice, they couldn't believe just how far it splattered and we all had a good laugh:)

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