Phew! We have had quite a week around here!

The kids came home for spring break (and to work from home), so that we could throw Abby and Max a baby shower.

We got all but Carson (who had clinics) home (missed you Carson!), and we have been soaking in every minute of togetherness.

I mean, I don’t know that a mother can properly explain her emotions when she gets to gather her kids again after they’ve been stretched far and wide. There is something that makes you almost feel like you’re floating to see them together, as friends.

And as your friends too.

We wanted to make the baby shower a smaller, more intimate group. (That’s how Abby prefers things…and me too!)

And somehow, through a series of ideas and thoughts, we landed on the idea to create a “mother’s blessing” for Abby at the beginning with an even smaller group.

What is a “Mother’s Blessing” you may ask?

Well, we kind of made up this idea from some thoughts taken from a podcast as well as just some pondering about the beauty of motherhood.

How could we celebrate not just the birth of a new baby, but the birth of a new mother? We didn’t want to make it just about showering with gifts, we wanted the people Abby feels closest to to also be able to share a favorite motherhood memory or a little bit of advice they have learned through the years.

We started out with a small group sharing some beautiful thoughts…

…and expanded and expanded as more arrived.

Elle took notes and there were such beautiful and also emotional thoughts shared.

I have to admit the whole day was a little emotional for me.

Thinking about this baby on the way, and the army of support she has in these aunts and good friends who love her already.

I didn’t get a lot of pictures of the whole group. but here are the immediate aunts and cousins…and Nana…all filled up with so much love for this baby-on-the-way and her mama:

Everyone helped so much with the food and showering love.

Claire was hilarious with her love for every little thing opened (right below).

I think the two of us can just about hardly stand waiting to hold that little babe.

Lots of good talking woven through this sentimental baby shower.

And lounging in the sun when we were done.

So grateful for this wonderful daughter-in-law of mine.

And for the “mother’s blessing” she is to me.

We are all so excited to meet that little gal in that cute basketball Abby is carrying around.

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  1. How absolutely beautiful. What a fun time in your family. I love how you gather and love each other. She is a wise new mama to surround herself with good women.

  2. I came over to look at your blog after hearing your come follow me message today. So, we are strangers. However, in your photo of your dil’s baby shower…I believe I see a familiar face?! Is Tonya Allred one of your friends? If that is indeed her, it was such a fun surprise to see this lovely lady from our ward when we both lived in Atlanta! 💕

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