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how to tune in to conference TODAY

by Shawni

Oh my goodness, we’ve been in a whirlwind of togetherness (the kids came home to surprise Lucy for her 16th birthday) and conference the last couple days, and I have so many thoughts to share, but for now, THE SUNDAY SESSION OF CONFERENCE is starting right now!

Everyone is welcome to listen.

Can you spot Jesus in that pic? One Grace collected from her mission.

Go HERE to listen to the talks from yesterday (the ones I heard so far are SO GOOD!)

And click HERE if you want to listen live, right this very minute.


I’m off to listen.

Happy Sunday!


Charity October 2, 2022 - 8:58 pm

I love that art, Shawni! Do you know who the artist is?

Shawni October 3, 2022 - 4:17 pm

I wish I knew! It was just in her digital “art collection” from her mission.

Ruth October 4, 2022 - 8:46 am

Should have threaded my comment (see below), but I found the artist, Charity. Turns out she has lots of other beautiful work, too!

danang October 3, 2022 - 10:05 pm

Nice Info.. I love that art,

Ruth October 4, 2022 - 8:45 am

It looks like the painting is by artist Emma Taylor! I found it on her website here: https://www.emmapaints.com/shop/ski5coarmeyb8vhyk7uo4b0prs6wmq

Shawni October 5, 2022 - 2:49 pm

Aw thank you for finding that! Yes she does have some beautiful things!

mom October 7, 2022 - 2:42 pm

Conference was epic! So many great talks!


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