That is how people greet each other in Romania on Easter morning.

It is translated; “Christ is resurrected!” and the person being greeted responds, “Truly, He is resurrected!” (this is a Christian greeting in other cultures too, but I was introduced to it in Romania and that’s what endeared me to it). I think it is so beautiful.

There are no “hellos,” no “good mornings,” not even “Happy Easter!” And I love it. Because that is the beauty of this day. Truly, He is resurrected. And because of that, we will all live again. And that is the most beautiful message in the whole wide world.

After all the darkness, the pain and agony, Jesus rose triumphantly on that Easter morn all those years ago.

(art by Caitlin Connolley)

And so it will be with us. Our darkness, in whatever sector of darkness we can or will or have ever felt, will turn to light. Sunday is here. And we all have the opportunity to find Him.

To hear Him.

To follow Him.

May we greet this day with the knowledge my Romanian friends joyously are pronouncing: He is resurrected. Truly. He is here. Right where we are. No matter where we are or where we have come from.

He lives.

And this morning my heart is so incredibly full to feel that.

Also, post-edit note: check out this link if you want to join in the worldwide sing-along with the “Lamb of God,” sure to bring in the Easter spirit in a beautiful way.

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  1. That is actually how many Christians greet each other throughout the 50 day Easter season: “Alleluia, Christ is Risen!” is the greeting. The response is “The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!”

    1. Yes thank you Liz for mentioning that, it’s a beautiful Christian custom and I will change that in the post. I just think of Romania because that’s where I learned it and became so endeared to it.

  2. I hope your Easter was beautiful.

    Only tangentially related, but I recently read “The Story That Cannot Be Told” by Kramer. It is a historical fiction based in Romania in the late 1980’s. I thought you and Lucy might enjoy it.

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