Last weekend, in the midst of all the Nationals and prom hoopla, Lucy had her own big things going on.

I promise we don’t always have things to get dramatically emotional about around here, but this last weekend we had a few of them.

And Lucy’s MCO choir performance was one.

Mostly because those voices filling up that concert hall were enough to bring anyone to tears, and also because they were singing about the most beautiful things, the spirit of it all closing in around you like a glove.

But also it was emotional because man alive, it is not easy to figure out how to not help maneuver your fiercely independent daughter who can be a wildcard sometimes. But I have to remind myself: that fierce independence is going to get her where she needs to be.

I just hope she doesn’t break me with that stubborn particular-ness in the process!

I got to accompany a whole slew of the concert girls in the rehearsal the night before the first big concert.

It was seven hours long, and as soon as I got Lu situated I ran to meet up with my big girls to take Claire’s senior pictures. Then raced back to help wrap up that marathon practice.

We met the next day, everyone performance ready and helped our group of girls make sure they knew where to go when (they change from the stage to the balcony to the stage a few times during the performances).

We got to stand behind them during a couple songs of the first concert. I love to watch Lucy sing. She bobs her head to the beat and gets so into it.

She FEELS it.

It was so good, that concert. I LOVE how strict the conductor is. Anyone who can help that many kids and adults and a whole orchestra navigate and sing their hearts out like he does has got to be a pretty spectacular person.

I ran out to give Nana and Papa hugs after that first performance (that’s the one they went to), Lucy couldn’t come with me (she had to stay backstage), but it was fun to hear their favorite parts. Sure love these two!

Then it was time for the second concert, the one Dave, Grace, Josh and I attended:

Loved basking in it all from the audience.

I loved that I was sitting close to the young singers during part of the concert and I got to see how intensely heartfelt they were singing up close and personal. I loved thinking about how those words and thoughts from those songs were infiltrating into all those hearts.

Reminded me of the days when Claire and Grace were in this choir:

And how I LOVED watching their emotion as they sang their little hearts out. Can you spot Claire in this picture below (front row by the violins):

(More about Grace & Claire’s stint in this choir back HERE.)

Man alive, music is so powerful!

Lucy had two more performances the next night (while we were in the midst of prom and some wedding receptions), but by then she had that schedule and stage entrances down pat.

She was dying of delirious tiredness by the time she was done, but you can see it right? Or maybe it’s just me. But that music infiltrated right into her soul.

We all slept soundly that night with gratitude in our hearts from the beauty that music can bring.

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  1. Oh I bet it was amazing. Looks like a wonderful experience. Shawni, how can you stand it?! Your kids are so dang beautiful. I love how you share their lives and celebrate all their accomplishments. It makes me excited for the future as I’m about ten yrs behind you in parenting.

    1. Oh that is so sweet of you Katia!! I’m a little biased but I think they’re pretty beautiful too…from the inside out. So lucky to be their mama.

  2. Lucy is so beautiful in that last picture! I bet she will miss her sisters when they go off to college. (Though, I think I really blossomed after my older sister left home!)

    1. Yes, she just wrote me a heartfelt email from school today wondering what in the world she will do without Claire at school with her next year 🙁 It is getting real! But I told her just what you said: now is your chance to blossom! (Although we’ll surely have some good cries when everyone leaves!! Grace leaves in less than a week and I’m already in mourning!)

  3. Hi!
    I have seen the chairs pictured in your homework/desk area on a few different blogs now and have come up empty in my internet searches for them :). Could you share where you got them? Thank you so much!

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