I want to back up in honor of International Women’s Day.

Because even though that day is already in our wake and I neglected to post about it, I sure carried around some heavy appreciation for strong women.

I was thinking about all the strong women who make the world go around.

And my pondering made me think if this painting my sisters and I gave our mother for Christmas by Caitlin Connolly titled “I got it from her and she got it from her.”

When my sister first showed it to me and told me the title I teared up.

Because oh! Those women who inspire me and move me!

I love to think of the chain that the title of this painting implies: a chain of traits or characteristics that can be passed down and around, encircling each other with wisdom and strength.

I think of not only those who I am blood related to but I “get” things from so many women around me (or I strive to get things from them!). The friend who works in the NICU unit nurturing tiny babies you can hold in your palm who’s brains and hearts work better just because she is close. The sister-in-law who finds her own “holy places” so that she can navigate tough situations. The friend who finds a balance between home and work despite some difficult odds. The blog reader who lifts me with kindness. My daughters and daughter-in-law who teach me with their wisdom beyond their years. My mother who looks people in the eye and seeks to understand their stories better than anyone I know.

The ones who have gone before and done the impossible and climbed so many mountains so that I can be right here right now, doing what I’m doing, thinking what I’m thinking.

Thank you ladies, for all the grand examples rippling through my life.


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  1. I am lifted by this blog often. I’m a pessimist, I’m negative, I’m burnt out at work, I’m also what most consider an atheist, yet DAY after DAY for YEARS I return to this blog for hope, love, insight, and a message. It’s there and thank you.

  2. S. Mackenzie- YOU have brought LIGHT to this space here today! You are an example of the believers and of hope. I love you for that. Thank you!!

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