Man, things are really starting to roll on this I Love Lucy Project. There will be a couple pieces written up in different high-traffic blogs the next few weeks and I’m so thankful for so much help from people to get the word out.

Today my new, dear cyber-friend Whitney Johnson is publishing a piece about Lucy on her “Dare to Dream” blog. She is encouraging a movement to have more people join in the cause through Facebook and Twitter (which I really need to get better educated about). Click here to see it.

Can I just say how humbling it is to have people out there care about Lucy and her cause? Sometimes I get so overwhelmed and wonder at God’s wisdom at letting ME be her mother. Me, the mom who can’t seem to keep up with life and who can’t seem to get her doctor’s records in order or keep track of what she eats to a “t” for the nutritionist. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with all that I want to do and can’t. It can be such a lonely thing to have a child with such rare special needs because no one really knows what to tell you to do. Every child affected is just so different.

But each day that I get overwhelmed I truly feel that Heavenly Father places someone in my path to lift me up…to lift our family up. People come out of the woodwork who want to help. Really help. From friends who continue to be SO sweet to Lucy in the halls at church even when she is mean back to them to friends who offer to take her for a little “date” so Dave and I can spread our attention to our other well-deserving kids (thank you Claudia), to people like Ashley who I don’t know from Adam but who wrote to me yesterday to let me know that she and her family are going to do their OWN vision walk for Lucy from where they live. Is that not the sweetest thing ever? (Read about it here.) Thank you Ashley!

And then there’s Whitney Johnson who sees the whole big picture and who is so willing to give her time to help spread the word to raise awareness of blindness in general here.

I know that so many people deal with such tough things in life. I know everyone has their struggles. And I know what we deal with here is almost laughable to others who deal with things so much more serious. But this is very real to us. And because of that we feel we have to do all we can to fight for this girl (and others who may be in her same shoes) through life, come what may.

So, go read “Dare to Dream” and join the cause and know that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts through cyberspace for caring so much.

Love, Shawni

p.s. If you want your own “I Love Lucy” button and would like to help spread the word, click here for the html code.

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  1. I finally figured out how to put the I love lucy project button on my blog…(I am not too electronically talented…but yeah for me) after reading the article that whitney put on her blog.
    Good luck with your walk and speaking engagement…busy busy girl. sending xoxox

  2. I wish there was more I could do…ever since having you fall into my virtual lap I've been thinking about Lucy all the time! I want to help raise awareness here in Denver! Thank you for sharing your story, your life.

  3. Shawni, I wish we could attend the walk but Steve and I will be in New York. Hes playing in an amputee basketball game there. Best wishes. We'd be there if we could!

  4. I can't remember if I have commented before or not – I am a friend of Charity's. I have read your Mothering book (although I don't have kids yet) and love your photography! I read your post on "Dare to Dream" and started crying at the first line. I became a I Love Lucy fan on facebook. Best of luck and I will be thinking and praying for you!

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