Nana and Papa hosted us and all the cousins on a big ice skating outing yesterday. Boy oh boy did we ever have a great time. Love ice skating. (Excuse these pics with my little camera accidentally set on a teeny tiny mode, but you get the idea, right?)
And it couldn’t be better than when you get to do it with cousins…
I’m so happy I got this video of Claire…it was her first try and man oh man I didn’t think she’d make it past our first circle around the rink….she was just like a spagetti noodle. But she kept at it and by the end she had the balance sort of down. (I’m using “sort of” pretty liberally.)

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  1. I was JUST talking about needing to go ice skating! Now I REALLY need to go… besides, it’s so close!

    AND love your Christmas Eve post. I can see it all….

    Merry Christmas Shawni!

  2. way to go claire!

    every time i go to the rink i get knocked over by some “professional” and end up having whip lash… thus we had to miss out on ice skating this year… i mean, its one thing if i get knocked over when i am not pregnant, but seriously…

    such fun! glad you guys went 🙂

  3. That looks like so much fun! It’s been forever since I went ice skating. You are so lucky to have family come to your house for Christmas! Have any New Years plans.

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