…and want something to do today, come to the Chandler Deseret Book. I’ll be there signing books from 12-1:30, and then from 5-7.

I’ll probably be lonely, and I won’t know what I’m doing (what do I know about signing books??)

But I’ll be there.

With a smile on.

Because even though it’s kind of funny,

I can’t help but be excited.

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  1. Oh how I wish I was a local and could come by. But seeing as I am up here in Wisconsin, I don’t think I would make it in time. I love getting my books autographed by the author and have a few in my library.

    I am 100% positive my husband has ordered a book for me for Mother’s Day. I bookmarked the page and gave LOTS of hints!

    Have fun at your book signing! You should be very proud! Such a great accomplishment.

  2. So proud of you woman. What an accomplishment. I received my Desert Book flyer and my face just smiled for you. Hope you had a fun today. Are you coming to California to sign books? Hugs.

  3. It was so fun to see you signing books! What an accomplishment! I can’t wait to read it! You and your mom are like twins! What a powerful dual for a book! Amazing! Love all the pictures too!

  4. I wish I was local. I bought the book yesterday, a few of them in fact and I LOVE it. I can’t put it down, but I am going to make myself slow down so that I can enjoy one ‘secret’ a day. Thanks for the inspiration. You have no idea who I am, but I will confess, I have been ‘blog-stalking’ you for some time because I love your blog and and your photographs. I discovered you through the Hostetter’s – Julie is my sister. Anyway, love the book, wish I was local to get it signed. And thanks for giving me glimpses on how to find joy in motherhood. They have come at a much needed time for me. So thank you.

  5. Man I got into town and just missed you by 30 minutes! That would have been fun. You’ll sign my copy anyway…please. My email is osborn.noelle@gmail.com thanks for emailing me the pictures. I seriously am so excited. I reread my post about waiting for more pictures and thought it sounded rude. but I didnt mean you! Take care

  6. how cool is it that i opened the deseret book catalog that came in the mail yesterday, and your book was the VERY FIRST ONE THERE. i’m excited to buy and devour it. way to go shawni.

  7. Shawni,
    I just finished reading your book.I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! You have always inspired me through your blog and just knowing you but it is so fun to read all of your great insights all at once. It was so neat to read your Moms chapters right after yours. Wow, she is amazing, no wonder you turned out so neat. You both keep it real and I have a big list of things in my mind I want to try. Everyone who is a Mother or hopes to be will LOVE this book. I am so glad that I am at the same stage of Motherhood as you and get to read your uplifting and REAL take on things. I have always struggled with my IDEAL view of how I would be a mother and the REAL way things have played out as I try to be that ideal. I can relate to all of your stories. Thank you for sharing your heart and family with all of us. Many Mothers thank you. We are better because of you. I feel a bit more normal hearing some of your stories. It is fun to see my girls and many friends in the book too. Congratulations! I am SO HAPPY for you!

  8. We would have been the first in line darn it! Please tell me that someone snapped a shot of you. We are really excited for you but are more excited for the rest of us who get to read these pages!

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