I’m taking back all the nice things I said about my kids in the last post. Because I’m telling you what: I’ve found myself at “Wit’s End” again. And although I’m sure in most ways it’s my fault, it totally feels better to blame it on them right now.

I swear they can not stop fighting, and teasing and pushing, and bugging each other. One of them is so ultra-sensitive that tears come at the drop of a hat. Another is a total bully (one of the YOUNGER ones) and is into shoving and calling her siblings the “s” word (“stupid”). I think they may all be in training to be “professional tattlers” with how much they have been telling on each other. And I swear they could win awards on their talent at ignoring me too. Wow. And the drama around here? It’s overwhelming. The wailing is killing me. One kid can’t keep up with her homework to save her soul and has been weepy about it all weekend because there’s SO much. We’ve spent some good quality time at the doctor’s office since Claire’s UTI’s are back in full force, which makes for changing a lot of sheets and having a smelly house once again, and Lucy’s burning up with her darn rash that the doctor claims is just a “high sensitivity” to something mysterious. And as for me, well, I just can’t keep up with life. My continuing saga.

So for now I’m scratching all the “best friends” mumbo jumbo I was blabbing about in the last post.

I need to crawl into a corner and re-evaluate how we’re doing things around here. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. I’m crossing my fingers…

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  1. For a second I was sure I had read my own post. So I read it again, and if I didn't know better I would have sued you for plagiarism! You have described my life with three, soon to be four, daughters to a T. Seriously.

    We also go through phases. Some months are fantastic and smooth and I think what a great lot I have. And then we go through days of fighting, and crying, and timeouts and I wonder what I've done wrong. (The answer is, I've done nothing wrong, they're just female and females bring drama.)

    Keep your chin up. Tomorrow will be better. For sure.

  2. Sorry Shawni! Do we need to go back to Cabo? Glad it is the same for everyone. We all have our days! Time to start throwing out the "Santa is watching!"

  3. I'm so inspired by the "amazing children" posts you write. And I'm also super inspired by this post too. Why – because you're completely normal. And your kids are normal too. I think our family has hope.

  4. Yes, thanks for giving me hope, too! Because we have our shining moments and others that are rather less note-worthy. I also know that mentally I'm in a bit of a funk when any of my kiddos are under the weather. Hope Claire & Lucy are doing better, soon!

  5. We lived the homework meltdown this weekend. I get so frustrated sometimes.

    It's nice to have the sweet times to look back on, they get you through the 'trenches' as I say.

    Good luck, I know how it goes.

  6. i was telling someone a few weeks ago how my boys are best buddies. well…i've learned my lesson. they cannot stop fighting. we have the bully and the crier here too. and the tattle telling…oh my the tattle telling!!! how long must i suffer!!! i love you and hope things turn around.

  7. I found your blog several months ago and I love it SO MUCH. You have such a beautiful family and I love your writing and reflections.

    And I love, love, love this post. I just stuck my two screaming two year olds in their room for our third attempt at a nap and told my eight year old she was not allowed to speak for an hour. Nice huh? I feel so low in moments like this… It is so, so, so nice to know that mom's I admire have their moments too!

  8. Oh my goodness Shawni! I hear ya! Mine are sweet and laughing and having a good time one minute and the next there is tattling and unkind words (2 of my biggest pet peeves). UGH! So sorry about Claire and Lucy's continuing conditions. You and your fam are in my prayers! HOpe tomorrow is a better day! Hugs!

  9. Can you please send Gracie to us for a week? I don't know if she's the bully… but I have a bully in my house who is 8, so that's my best guess. In any case, we miss her and all y'all, and I'm so sorry about the UTIs and the rash and hope Dave's b-day cheered you all up. -Aja

  10. I totally get it Shawni. My 5 are constantly fighting, tattling, you name it, lately! It makes all of my parenting techniques go out the window and I get into mean mom survival mode. I'm so sorry. It will pass. Darcy U

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