Welp, we’re really doing it:

TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY these sisters and I are officially launching our sisters podcast called “In the Arena.”


What’s that you say? You don’t know if you believe me because I’ve said this before?


Yeah, let’s just say we were a tad-bit naive when we thought, “hey, let’s throw together a sisters podcast!” like there was nothing to it.

I mean, I had written a post about it HERE, and we got lots of great advice, and we were making progress in our recordings, and we figured what more did we need to work on?

Amidst the stuff we did in Utah last summer (back HERE) these sisters of mine and I went on a hike in preparation for our big launch that we figured we was going to happen the next day.

We knew it wasn’t perfect, but we figured we’d just throw it out there and keep getting better and better as we went.

We met with some helpers (the BEST people), and were (we thought) ready to go.

But then we listened to that first introductory podcast one more time with more critical ears and realized, whoa, we needed to back up a bit and fix some things.

So we set another launch date…

Did more recordings:

With sisters randomly being dropped here and there for no reason (that up there was right after Saydi mysteriously dropped off…)

(Trying to figure out all kinds of recording platforms and microphones and all that jazz, if anyone has good advice on that we’ll still take it! We’re not pros yet by any stretch of the imagination).

And then while we were at Bear Lake this summer we had the opportunity to meet with another fabulous helper, Molly Beck (from Forbes podcasts who had written to us here on the blog and offered to give us a little tutorial):

She had so many great ideas and made us so excited:

She helped us realize there was no race to get this thing launched, and if we felt like we needed more time we should take it.

So we put a date clear out in September. Tuesday the 13th to be exact.

And here we are two weeks out!

Does this mean we have it perfect this time around after all that work?


But we do have a name, and a logo:

(Helped to be determined from Instagram audiences):

We have recorded quite a few episodes (each with varying quality, be patient with us here in the beginning as we continue to sort all the details out!)

And Charity has been working hard on populating our Instagram account called “eyresisters:”

Go follow it over HERE to get updates and some inspirational things we will post as we continue to build it!

By the time we launch we’ll also have our website at least partially situated.

(We hope to have lots of show notes and links and information there eventually…again, work in progress!)

So I’m here to tell you we’re excited!

And we’re really doing this.

We are learning so much in the process and so excited to get input and ideas and learn from each other as we go forward.

SO, mark September 13th on your calendars, and be on the lookout.

“In the Arena” is truly coming soon!

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  1. I’m so excited, Shawni! Can’t wait!!!
    Don’t be too worried because the exchange you’ll make with the audience will help shape the future episodes little by little and naturally. 🙂
    I’m sure it’s gonna be a blast. Congratulations! I can imagine it’s not easy to get everyone together to get so much done.

    Have a good day!

  2. Should be a good listen on my nightly dog walks as I get my steps in! You have the In the Arena quote that begins “the credit belongs to” in quotes. So I’m assuming it is a direct quote from someone. Can you share with us the source?

    1. Theodore Roosevelt—from one of his most memorable speeches, given a year after he left office.

  3. I am all signed up for your parents class on “grandparenting” too, can’t wait to hear your thoughts and ideas!

    1. Oh I’m excited to hear how you like it, and excited to take it myself! Because you can never be too prepared, right?

  4. Super excited for this! Thanks so much for all your work on getting it started! I know y’all will give me so much to think about. I totally value the perspectives you have. All the best!

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