It’s funny how parents pass down things they love and don’t love, little and big.

For example, I think every one of my kids stop in their tracks to appreciate a good sunset, they say things like “100% sure” just like Dave does, and none of my girls like cheese on their hamburgers. I didn’t teach them this, but I’m assuming it came because I don’t like cheese on mine?

Anyway, my Dad served his mission in New York City.

And he fell head over heels in love with that place. With all his love, he was bound to get a few kids to fall in love too, but I think all nine of us are pretty enamored with NYC. Three of my brothers have lived there, right in Manhattan, for years, some overlapping, and it’s so fun to go visit.

So I think it’s kind of fun that the next generation is getting pretty attached to that place as well.

Grace and her roommates went a few weeks ago and were so delight to explore that place together. She has been there before, of course, but this was her first time just with just friends…and my brothers, of course. Cute Noah let them stay in his five-story-walk-up apartment with his family of six kids and those girls had the time of their lives.

Loved getting to transport ourselves through FaceTime to that city that is so alive, our girl smiling in the middle of it all from the ski lift:

The next week Max and Abby were there (Abby’s parents took them there for a Christmas gift because they love that city so much), and I loved seeing this picture my brother Eli sent:

…and also hearing Abby and Max’s excitement about it all…and Abby’s hilarious recount of how Max was running around in the rain trying to capture it all with his film camera, making sure they got to as many places as humanly possible. (This made my heart want to explode with love for that boy who did NOT want to walk another step as a boy in NYC years ago. How time changes us! Ha!)

Then the very next week Dave went to meet up with his business partner and Noah there in the big city:

How I wish I could have teleported myself to be each of them each of those three weekends, but the pictures and funny stories in aftermath were ALMOST as good:)

So excited that Elle and Carson get to spend a few months there with their upcoming externships in the Fall.

Long live NYC!

Thanks Dad, for infusing that love into our hearts and souls!


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  1. I have a similar family history with NYC…My younger sister moved there shortly after college more than 20 years ago. My 2 girls grew up visiting her and fell in love with NYC. Both went to college there, and the oldest stayed after graduation. My youngest is graduating from grad school in May and is moving back to NYC to live. Lots more family times ahead for us there!

    1. So fun! There is such an energy there! I adore that place, Dave, not so much 🙂 But he has agreed to live there with me some day if we are ever empty-nesters!

  2. With all the unrest in China, and the recent spy balloon that was just shot down, how is Maxi’s tools labor factory doing in China right now? Does Dave still travel there regularly?

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