One of the most frequently asked questions on this blog is where do I get these “initial” necklaces our girls wear:
So I figured I’d just answer it here so I don’t have to keep e-mailing people.(As you can probably tell, these girls rarely ever take these off. I love them…and so do they!)
The answer as to where I got them is three-fold, because more than one source has given us these beauties:

First is my friend Angie. She is so creative and has made all sorts of gems in jewelry. Everyone wants a coveted “Angie-necklace.” Her e-mail address is angiebrown1234 at gmail dot com.

Second is my friend Jen. But as talented as she is, I don’t know that she does necklaces anymore.

And last but not least is my sweet cousin/dear friend Kara. She has started a jewelry blog because she gets so many requests for her creations. Click here to see a bunch of her stuff and here to see these necklaces. I’m sad because it’s apparently kind of tough to find the initials these days, (and Lu lost her “L”), but hey, it looks like she’ll try.

There you go!!

p.s. Check out Elle’s latest photo shoot over on her blog here.
She’s decided to start doing portraits of kids so if you’re interested let her know.


  1. Can I send a request for info too? 🙂 How do you "sock curl" your girls' hair? I would love a tutorial! Hope all is well waaaay out yonder.

  2. love those necklaces – i was one of the many who've written you about them and actually had your friend make my daughter one. my question is this: how do the necklaces stand up to pool and bath water – do they tarnish much? i'm wondering if i can leave it on my daughter all the time and not worry…

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