Just as communication is transitioning with all forms of technology infiltrating into life, the way we obtain information is changing as well.

We can ask a tiny device in our hand what happened in some ancient civilization and the information pops up instantly.  If we want to know what happened to so-and-so from our senior year in high school chances are they have a “page” somewhere in cyberspace we can look up.  If we are trying to figure out the best way to make lemon meringue pie we can pull up thousands of recipes within seconds on our computer screen, all neatly ranked even sometimes with links to where to buy the ingredients.  It’s amazing! No more looking things up in those rows of encyclopedias we had lining a shelf in our kitchen growing up, no more detective work to find out how an old friend is doing, it’s all there right in front of us.  
So what does that change?  We could go on and on about the debate of whether or not all this flowing information is good or bad…there are pros and cons for sure.  I personally think so much information can be incredibly overwhelming at times.
BUT, my opinion is that it’s pretty amazing overall.  
Let’s talk about how it influences parenting.
Does all this information at our fingertips change how we find answers for the parenting dilemmas that come our way?  Can it help us build up family defenses and communication to fortify our families against all the tough times that come?  It sure does.  If we’re trying to stop sibling rivalry or trying to get a baby to sleep through the night or trying to figure out how in the world to combat the “terrible twos” or establish trust with a teenager there are endless amounts of ideas right in front of us.  
I’ve always tried to have a parenting book on my nightstand of some kind or another (some of my favorites are HERE).  I feel like when I’m reading about parenting I’m more aware of ideas, more aware of problems that arise, I get answers to questions I have wallowing in my heart as I read between the lines, and I love that.  Because parenting is constantly changing and fresh ideas make a big difference.
I don’t think technology necessarily takes over that book role (because man, I love books), but I think it’s pretty awesome to have new ideas pop up in my inbox or on instagram to help me build that parenting offense.  
I love that I can get a “shot in the arm” whenever I need it with a whole slew of new parenting ideas from a site like my sister’s awesome Power of Families (check it out for ideas, it’s pretty great).

And I also love that my parents have recently started sharing their own tips on Instagram…and Facebook and Twitter.  Because they’re hip like that 🙂 

Click HERE to find out more details, because those “tips” that will pop up in your social media will lead you to this webpage where you can be led to a myriad of ideas relating to the little glimpse of whatever they’re concentrating on that day.

…And that’s a blurry screenshot so here’s what it really says in that blurry print up there:

Each week the Eyres post one tried and proven “Parenting Principle” (or sometimes a Marriage Principle) here on this page, and also on social media (Instagram @richardlindaeyre, Facebook @richardlindaeyre, and Twitter @richardeyre). Please follow, and invite your friends to do the same. Each week the brief, quotable parenting principle will appear with several links to articles, podcasts, videos, or radio and television appearances that give more ideas, instruction and inspiration on that principle.

I don’t do Facebook or Twitter, but check out their instagram account HERE.

I’m a little biased but I think they have the best ideas in all the land, and I’m so grateful for how they’ve influenced my parenting!

So I just wanted to share.  Happy Tuesday!

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