Well, I have a few items of business to discuss. They may not seem related, but hear me out:

First off, my parents are coming to visit this week, and man alive, are we ever excited about it over here. (There’s nothing like a good visit from your parents to pull you out of “wit’s end.”)

While my Mom’s here we are going to be teaching a couple classes…really, really fun ones based around stuff we talk about in our book like family mission statements, how to be your own version of the “best Mom,” having the “big talk” with your kids, and how to find balance amidst the chaos (hmmm…sounds like I better go to this class…). One will be on Wednesday, December 2nd at 10-11 at Blissful Living Studios (click here for the phone number and sign up info.). The other class will be at Poppy’s Home Decor on Thursday, December 3rd. Click here for the phone number and more info. on that one. We’ll be covering different things at each one, so come to both if you want!Let me tell you, my Mom is the best speaker…I can’t wait to bask in her words of motherhood wisdom and get inspired (and I’m excited to share a few things from my small bag of tricks too). Really, I love this stuff. I sometimes daydream about having my Mom’s job of traveling the world talking about Motherhood when my kids are all grown up. I’d be in Heaven.

But I digress…man I do that a lot.

Ok, so some more items of business about LUCY (this is the part you have to hear me out to figure out how it’s all related):

1) The holiday season is fast approaching, and if you’re like me, you’re starting to think about good gifts to give people (and even if you’re different from me…very, very different, and you have all your Christmas gifts bought, wrapped, and ready to go, maybe you could still use an extra idea to slip in there).

2) Christmas always makes my heart search for a need out there to contribute to…some good cause to help out. I love the whole hoopla of the season…Santa and the lights and the decorations, but I always yearn for something to help me feel the true meaning of the season a little more profoundly. It’s great to buy gifts for everyone I love, but I love having an extra “cause.”

3) I have a child who has made me realize how incredibly amazing science is. I can’t believe that they can do research to fix eyes that don’t work, or eyes that are losing their “seeing abilities.” And we’re hoping with all our hearts that by the time Lucy needs help, they’ll have some answers for us. So we want to give them money. Because in order to do their job, they need funding.

4) My Mom and I have written a book. A book we hope has and will continue to enlighten mothers to help them embrace the “light in the trenches” of Motherhood. (Yes, I need to go flip through it for some inspiration myself….)

5) I have an amazing Mother. She is so on-board trying to be such a supporting partner in Lucy’s issues. I think she has secured a spot as the vice president of the “I Love Lucy Club” without even submitting her name for nomination. Together we have decided to donate ALL of our proceeds from our book to Foundation Fighting Blindness, Foundation for Blind Children, and other organizations working effortlessly to help people like Lucy. We have affectionately named this little endeavor the “I LOVE LUCY PROJECT.” If you want more details, read here.

6) We have figured out a deal with our publisher to make our book more accessible to more people. They have agreed that if you buy the book online you will automatically get 20% off. This benefits everyone involved since you get the book (or some amazing mother in your world will receive it from you as a gift), and children struggling with blindness will be benefited all over the place.

So, this is how all these tangents are inter-related:

You can buy our book, receive 20% off, keep it and treasure it up or buy a few to give away, and make a difference to a very good cause all at the same time!!

See how great that is??

So, take a minute to get re-acquainted with the buttons on my sidebar where you can donate money directly to the causes if you want, or you can go straight to our publisher’s site (by clicking on the book icon), and order the book there, being assured that you are donating to a great cause (and that you’re getting a great deal).

Ok, so this is the other tangent on this post:

We’re hoping people can help us get the word out about the “I Love Lucy Project.” If there’s anyone out there who may be willing to help by posting this on their blogs to spread the word out like wild fire, we’d really, really appreciate it (that link is to a new blog we’ve created for this project…you could copy and paste the info. into yours).

I totally feel like a salesman here, and I really don’t mean to. My Mother and I are SO not into the “promotion” thing, and of course, will be getting no financial profit from this project. But so many people have asked how to help Lucy, and so many people need Christmas gifts, and so many people losing vision need help…especially, at least in my heart, this girl right here:As her Mother I will do anything I can to help find ways to fight the blindness that lurks on her horizon. And sometimes you just have to fight for your kids. Right now, this is my fight.

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  1. Stalker from Texas again. 🙂
    Reading the end of this post made me think of one of my favorite scriptures. Mosiah 20:11. "…And it came to pass that the people of Limhi began to drive the Lamanites before them; yet they were not half so numerous as the Lamanites. But they afought for their lives, and for their bwives, and for their children; therefore they exerted themselves and like dragons did they fight." Sometimes we have to fight. Our fight may not be against opposing armies physically, but we have to fight like dragons to protect our children spiritually, and to provide for them, etc. This is your fight right now. I think you're doing great, and I'll be sure to post that link on my blog.

  2. Definitely!! I will do everything I can to help. About to order the book and put the link on my blog.



    I'm considering flying out from CA to AZ just to meet you two fabulous women, even if just for 1 hour. 😉

  3. Shawni you are amazing. Keep up the great work. Good luck with your classes. I just did a post about your book on my blog. I also put a wall post on Facebook. I LOVE your book and your family. Hug everyone for me.
    Sure LOVE you,

  4. HOW FUNNY!!!
    I was just 'blog hopping' from some of my friends sites in AZ, and stopped here…
    Your picture looked familiar, and I just realized I have the book you wrote with your mom!
    Love it too, by the way.
    Great job, and beautiful family!

  5. I am sending ALL of my love and thoughts to you and my favorite kids ever! I am passing on your info to a new "fave" mom of mine (but there won't ever be another Shawni in my life) and she will get the book info on her blog.
    I love you and miss you!!

  6. Shawni,
    My mom just gave me your book a couple months ago on my daughter's blessing day. And what a blessing it has been! Not only have I grown to love your daughter even more (Lucy– I taught her swimming lessons this past summer, I don't know if you remember me?!), but I've grown a much greater appreciation for the "trenches" of being a new mom. Thank you so much for your wonderful book that has made me appreciate the little things and enjoy the now.

  7. As I was reading about your cause a book came to mind and I wanted to pass it on because there is so much insight on "blindness" but primarily on Light. It's "And There Was Light" by Jaques Lusseyran. He tells of his life experience with becoming blind as a child of 8 and while I recognize your cause is to fight blindness, this book helps us see in ways that are more than physical and is enlightening on many levels. This man lead what can only be described as a "true seeing" life. He went on to establish a group which later became the catalyst for the French Resistance during WWII and so many other inspired actions!! It lends insight into so many things and is particularly relevant to the subject of blindness on ALL levels.

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