Ok, so here’s the deal. There’s this store here that is awesome. It’s called Domestic Bliss. And that’s what it is…pure domestic bliss. There are some gorgeous things there. Anyway, the owners had this great idea to add another part to the store called “Blissful Living Studio,” which is aimed at hooking people up with others to learn things they’ve always wanted to know more about. Things like how to sew a pillow, make jewelry, give creative gifts, healthy living, home organization, how to dress for your body type, etc.

I feel so honored (and overwhelmed) that they asked me to be one of the presenters. Yes, me. I’m going to do some classes on ideas to capture the moment with your kids…parenthood ideas. I sat there at our first meeting and thought to myself, “This is a group of AMAZING women. Why am I sitting here with them?” But the more I thought about it the more I realized that, hey, I can do this. I do have some good ideas in my back pocket. I’m sure so do thousands upon thousands of other moms, but here’s my opportunity to share what I know.

I’m going to do classes on ideas to “capture the moment,” how to create meaningful traditions in your family, secrets to communicating better with your husband to create a better parenting partnership, etc. And I’m excited. There’s nothing quite like challenging yourself and getting out of your rut. And boy oh boy that’s what I’m doing!
This is a collage I’m bringing for the big opening tomorrow.

So if you’re local, come tomorrow or Saturday. (I’ll be there tomorrow from 10-2.) The other presenters will be there off and on the next two days and they have some wing-dinger things to offer that can be signed up for while you’re there. This is going to be fun.

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  1. It sounds like so much fun. Your “Capture the Fun” piece is amazing. They are truly blessed to have you. I wish I was local so I could attend!!! Please share your ideas upon completion. Who knows? You might have a book out in no time. It’s great to be in touch with you again. Good luck tomorrow. You’ll be great. You were born to do this.
    Hugs, Alysa

  2. Hi Shawni-

    I have been reading your blog for a little while and can tell you right now, just from my reading, that you are the PERFECT girl for this! I am always so inspired by you and the cute, loving mom you are to your family! I wish I was a local as well so that I could come too! Anyways thanks for sharing some of your insights on motherhood and parenting with all of us in this fun, crazy blog world! Good Luck!
    Camerlee Ence

  3. Shawni. I want to be there…darn it! If I didn’t live in D.C., you know I would be the first one there. Do share with us what you said on your next blog. You will be awesome.

  4. Good luck, Shawni! You are so humble, but yes – you are going to be so inspiring to people. You will share your unique viewpoint on mothering and life and enrich those that attend. Can’t wait to hear about it!

  5. This is so ironic…I just called and told my mom (she’s local) about this new store the other day. I always make my mom take me to domestic bliss when I’m visiting. I saw that Heather Bailey will be there (I’m a huge fan) so I can imagine that you will be among great company. That is fabulous that you get to be a part of it. You certainly do have talents to share. Wish I could be there to get inspired by you all. Have fun.

  6. I wish you would’ve told me about this earlier!! I seriously would have gotten a babysitter or something! I may have to check it out tomorrow. Your going to be great, and they couldn’t have chosen a better person.

  7. Shawni you will be so great! I will have to come check it out! I am curious how they are going to organize it all it sounds really interesting! You are the perfect mom for the job!

  8. Oh Wow! You’ll do great. Darn, we have our last football game otherwise I’d love to come. Heaven knows I need to capture more moments and learn some more tips! I’ve seen the store but I’ve never been in there. Good luck (although you don’t need it, you’re already perfect for the job)!

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