1. I’m so sorry to say it but my Fall photoshoot schedule is officially booked. I’m getting more and more calls and e-mails about photoshoots and I hate saying no so I’m just writing it here. I am working on fitting in a couple more spots from the waiting list…I’ll let you know if I can make it work, but other than that I just have openings in January if you’re interested in those. If you’re interested in being put on the wait list in case something opens up in the future, let me know.

2. I keep getting e-mails that I have “friends” on Goodreads.com, which I must admit is pretty flattering although I’m not doing too well on my end of the friendship. I’m still not really sure what I’m supposed to do on that program. And I think I accidentally somehow “invited” a bunch more people to be my friends while I was trying to figure out what’s involved in being a “friend.” So, sorry if that was you. I’m sure it’s an awesome thing, if I ever find out really what it is…

3. Speaking of friends, I’m so thankful for so many new friends I’ve met through this blog. Man, there are some awesome people out there. I’m having issues though because I hate that I can’t always reply and comment on everyone’s blogs. Please know that even if I don’t respond, I LOVE your comments and I’m so thankful for your input. Your nice comments make my day.

4. I also stress about my side bar of links to people’s blogs. I know this is dumb but I hate to think that someone may think I intentionally left them off the list. I try to add people when I think about it, but I’m sure I’ve missed people and I’m sorry. If I’ve missed you and you want me to add you let me know…

5. Blissful Living is having a big hoopla this weekend. It’s gonna be pretty cool, I’m excited about it. There will be a couple free mini classes:

*Meet &
Greet Stylist & Instructor Reachel: Complimentary Class:
The Perfect Pair of Jeans Take the intimidation out of denim.
We’ll review different brands, cuts, and washes to guide you towards
your best blue jeans ever. 11-11:30am

*Professional Makeup Artist Julie Koeth:
Fresh Faced Makeup Looks for Teens & Moms To look their best
this year! 11:30-12pm

I’m excited about our Lightroom/Photoshop class tonight. It’s full, but I’m going to teach another photography class on the 2nd of October. Again, it’ll be another class I’ll limit on the size so we can really delve into lighting, crisp-ness, lenses, cameras, composition, etc. The class is listed for “Intermediate Photographers” but you’ll be able to catch on if you figure out how to set your ISO, aperture and shutter speed on your own camera before you come.

The other class I’m teaching coming up is on November 7th. This is the schpeal about it:
7 Ideas to add to your own “Book of Motherhood Secrets”
Every mom has some “secrets” to make her own version of Motherhood more rewarding and more meaningful…even on the bad days. Come discuss some new ways to cherish motherhood moments and take advantage of the time we have with our kids.

Ok, enough business…on to watching Lucy make us all laugh in her Strawberry Shortcake nightgown that her belly pulls out so much it’s shorter than her diaper. She’s in such a great mood right now…gotta go snuggle her up.


  1. I’m so excited about tonight!! I hear you about many different issues. I feel bad if someone has taken the time to leave a comment and I don’t respond. It’s just too much. I have actually thought of getting rid of my sidebar of “friends/family” altogether. Who knows…

  2. I can walk you through Goodreads. It is easy to use and a great way to hear about books, authors ect. You may not be sending out the friend email, most likely new users are searching for you. Call me when you have a second if you need more info.

  3. Shawni, you are truly one of the most thoughtful people. You are always concerned about everyone else. So selfless! And your time management skills far surpass anything I could ever hope for. Hats off to you! Thanks for all your thoughtful and thought provoking posts. Hope your class went well last night.

  4. Shawni, you are such a great teacher even if you talk fast. I got right on Lightroom and followed your very good directions. I will be coming to all of your classed from now on if I can learn how to use my camera. Thanks, Shelly Beson

  5. Shawni, I so wish I could have gone to your class. I would love to learn more about lightroom.
    I really enjoyed reading this oist because as great as blogging can be, we start feeling “guilty” if we aren’t able to read everyones that we want to. Time is limited, kids are yound and well there are a lot of neat neat bloggers out there. So, I love when I get a chance to come visit you and your cute fam you are truly too thoughtful like Shari said!

  6. hi shawni,
    I’m confused about the photography class. I wanted to go to the lightroom class but I didn’t realize when it was. OK so it’s over but the one you have on October 2nd is not for editing pictures? or is it? the description didn’t say it was so I’m assuming it’s not… hopefully I will run into you at church tomorrow.

  7. I would love to know what the 7 ideas to motherhood secrets are!! Oh how I wish I lived out there (not that I do not LOVE traverse city) to be able to enjoy Blissful Living. We have nothing like that here. I would love to open something like this!

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