I’ve made the mistake of going down memory lane for my birthday boy today, and now I’m just so emotional. How did I get so lucky to get to be this one good boy’s mama?

How could I know when I thought love couldn’t get heavier or more tangible that it would just keep expanding?

How in heaven’s name is it possible that he could be TWENTY-SEVEN years old today?

In my mind I’m supposed to be still twenty-seven for crying out loud!

I have loved being by his side to ride the waves of life that come our way.

I love his ability to put his head down and work through tough things. Hard things. Good things.

I love his work ethic.

He’s not afraid to give his all when he puts his mind to something.

Whether it’s waking up at 5:30 every day to exercise or work on a new project.

He is strong, conscientious and kind.

He is dedicated. He knows how to dig deep and take care of himself mentally and physically. He dotes on his family like nobody’s business.

He also dotes on us, his parents and his siblings. We’ve had many a conversation about how adored he is, how he will do anything for any one of us. And it’s true.

And what is that theory that only-boys grow up to be pretty fabulous husbands and dads?

I think Abby would agree, he’s living up to that hypothesis. I love to watch him always seek to put her first.

He loves God. And shows it in his actions. He is dedicated to guarding his personal convictions and living life in such a way to follow Jesus.

He is HUMBLE. The older I get, the more I realize humility is a superpower. He takes himself lightly and doesn’t get fussed up with comparison.

Yet he has an inner confidence that shines and helps him make decisions that matter.

He has a great sense of humor and comes up with the funniest one-liners on the spot that keep Dave and I laughing for days.

He has a laugh that can fill up a whole room and I LOVE when he gets laughing fits that make him cry he’s laughing so hard.

Max, like his mama, has always had a soft spot for babies.

So it is pretty special to watch him with his own.

I’m not sure there could be a more doting dad.

As a mom you want to hold on tight to your kids forever and ever.

But then you realize they become so much better when you let go and let them fly.

Happy birthday Maxwell David.

Love you forever and ever.

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  1. Happy birthday max! He sounds like a lovely young man with so many redeeming qualities— I hope you and your husband are proud of yourselves for the work you did to raise such a wonderful son 😊

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to Max. I hope he had a great day. 🎉🥳🍰🎂🎁

    I can’t believe he’s now 27. I’ve been following your blog since he was about 12.

    Max is the image of Dave in some of these pictures.

  3. I remember always saying that my age has never bothered me. But when my son turned 30, that really bothered me! I was kind of like, what the heck? I’m only 30, so how can he be 30!? Happy birthday to Max!

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