This week my office wall went from this:

To this:

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that secures us a spot in the “official” dog people category.
How in the world did it come to that, we all often wonder?  
We really like our dog.
Now if we can just get her to USE that thing!
(She is wimpy! but is learning little by little.)
Also, in other “Bo Jangles News,” she went from this:

 To this last week:

Ha!  She’s ready for summer I guess.

Not sure the rest of us are though…it’s been pushing at 100 degrees this week…not ready!

Bo is leading the way 🙂


  1. we have a dog door and LOVE it!! I don't know what we did before it! no more rushing home to make sure the dogs get let out! Ours were scared at first too of the flaps, so we used duct tape to tape the flaps up so they would at least go thru it. we stood on the other side with treats to help them along 😉 if you are ALL outside, and Bo knows that is his only outlet to you, and treats, he will be brave and go thru. Congrats, LOL, dog doors are the best!!

  2. Love Bo Jangles' summer trim! Dog doors are the best! We let our dogs use it during the day, but at night we go outside with our doggies, because living in the desert there are too many dangers outside in our yard, even with a 6 foot fence. We have watched a coyote leap our fence as if it was nothing and have heard horror stories of owls in the area taking small 20-25 lb pets away! We had a rattlesnake in our yard before too! Nights can be scary in the desert!

  3. SO many good points Silvana! Luckily they seem to have a LOT of eyes on their Bo! The desert sounds magical! I so admire how you all live there in the scorching heat and various critters amok! PS How have been my dear Friend Silvana? 🙂 We need to catch up! I am calling you this week for sure! WHERE has all the time gone? Also…Let us know if you two get near Carmel so we can get together!

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