In the beginning of January (and the beginning of 2019 too!), we found ourselves entrenched in the frigid, snowy, beauty of Utah.
2019 01 01 iPhone 212028
I posted about that Utah trip and New Year’s Day back HERE.
We had come up to help Max and Abby move into their apartment and ski.
We were good at the helping-Max-and-Abby move thing (that was so much fun…all about that HERE), but we were not so hot at the skiing thing.
Because it was COLD there I tell you!  And we are desert wimpy.  (Dave actually was brave enough to ski but the rest of us bundled up and hung with lots of family and friends.  All about that back in that same post (HERE).
The day after New Years these girls headed home:
2019 01 02 iPhone 212067
And Lu, Dave and I headed to Wisconsin to visit our favorite BBS doctor and his awesome helpers.
2019 01 03 iPhone 212109
Meanwhile Elle was living it up over in Portugal (and Spain, but I think she was done with Spain by the new year).
2019 01 03 iPhone 212456
2019 01 04 iPhone 212144
Finally all gathered back at home we began the happy/sad chore of taking down Christmas and getting life into gear before school started again.
2019 01 07 winter 212481
We took down all the faces of families we love that have adorned our kitchen all through the holidays:
2019 01 19 winter 213024
(I took pictures of some of my fav. Christmas card ideas and posted them back HERE.)
Still some lingering wedding gifts and an ornament-stripped tree for a couple days:
2019 01 07 iPhone 212471
We took advantage of the liquid gold we could squeeze from our back yard:
2019 01 19 winter 213086
(back HERE)
Some of our most dear friends from our old church congregation have a New Years party every year.  (It used to be a Christmas party, but December got too crazy so they moved it to January, which was good).  
2019 01 05 iPhone 212215
I love this occasion so so much.  So many of the people gathered have been mentors to me and Dave for years.  We lived in that ward (congregation) in what I refer to at the “Golden Years” (yeah, yeah, it’s still “Golden Years” now so maybe I should call this older phase of life “Golden Years Phase 1”  
But we lived there during our years with copious children clinging to our legs and throwing tantrums in the halls and so many of these couples had older kids or were emergent empty nesters and they taught us so much through their examples.  Love them.
2019 01 05 iPhone 212223
Claire’s club volleyball sure made a grand entry into the new year.  There’s a lot of it.  
2019 01 05 winter break 212394
And she loves it.
2019 01 05 winter break 212402
Meanwhile Max was getting ready with the BYU team for their season to officially begin.
2019 01 05 iPhone 212212
I think this is the alumni night (Abby is awesome to send pictures whenever she can).
2019 01 05 iPhone 212213
Our neighborhood continued to morph, trying to decide whether it should be winter or fall or spring.
2019 01 06 iPhone 212226
January is really all three here in the desert sometimes, it can be confusing 🙂
2019 01 08 iPhone 212648
Grace went on a “mini mission” which means she got to accompany these darling sister missionaries for two days through all they were doing.
2019 01 06 iPhone 212258
We had to do a little cajoling to get her to go, but this is how it all ended:
2019 01 06 iPhone 212260
She had the best time.
Lu and I continued our walks to school, and sorry but I have lots of documentation of that, the sun rays slanting at our backs, Bo trying to will Lucy to go just a tad bit faster.
2019 01 08 iPhone 212642
…long shadows in the morning light.
2019 01 08 iPhone 212647
January was a big birthday month.
My friend had a big birthday.
2019 01 09 iPhone 212668
…and my other friend thought of a good commemorating balloon to help her remember how old she was turning 🙂
2019 01 09 iPhone 212673
We rode bikes downtown and got breakfast to celebrate.
2019 01 09 iPhone 212674
2019 01 09 iPhone 212681
I found this note I thought was sweet:
2019 01 09 iPhone 212691
It is true, her name is derived from the Latin root for light and I’m so glad she knows that.  Hope it helps her turn the dark times to light…and the dark pre-teenage moods to light too!  Cause boy, are we ever hitting those.
Dave and I went up to see the first two season BYU volleyball games.
2019 01 10 winter 212502
2019 01 10 winter 212541
So much joy in watching him out there on that court I tell you!  Lots more about that back HERE.
2019 01 10 winter 212566
We got to hang with these two a bunch up there and boy do we love them!
2019 01 13 iPhone 212860
(All the other details of that trip back HERE.)
This is where we work out:
2019 01 14 iPhone 213356
Well…in January at least we were both still going there…now Dave is training for another half ironman so he doesn’t have time between the three-hour bike rides and miles-upon-miles of running…and of course there’s that little thing called work too…  So impressed with that guy and his will power.
My birthday-biking friends and I decided to take a waterfall hike day trip:
2019 01 15 iPhone 213360
2019 01 15 iPhone 213372 1
…which is pretty cool to see smack dab in the middle of the desert.
2019 01 15 iPhone 213367
I found some new good recipes:
2019 01 17 winter 212907
(That one is HERE, hope I’ll get to posting some more soon!)
My brother had a birthday.
2019 01 15 winter 212902
Have I mentioned how much I adore this guy?  And how grateful I am that we get to live next to him?
2019 01 15 winter 212904
Loved Lucy’s creative note to him:
2019 01 15 iPhone 213387
2019 01 17 winter 212913
Our neighborhood was socked in with fog one morning.  You can’t get the full effect from this picture, but it was so gorgeous:
2019 01 07 iPhone 212469
This happens a lot:
2019 01 03 iPhone 212093
Sometimes multiple times through the night.
Weird.  I hope it means I have the heart of a marathon runner rather than that I’m slowly dying….
I love this place, and visiting there whenever I can:
2019 01 05 iPhone 212195
My childhood friend from England, Sarah, always sends us the sweetest Christmas gifts:
2019 01 06 iPhone 212241
Love that girl.
It was suddenly that time of year when the seniors make teams and try to be the last ones standing with getting everyone else out with water guns.  
2019 01 16 iPhone 213409 1
..ANd there are stand-offs and alliances and boy kids sure get into that!  It took over Grace’s life for a week and I have to admit I might have celebrated just a little when she got out (sorry Grace!)  
Came across this picture and I love it.  Love that boy with all my heart.  And those smiling girls too 🙂
2019 01 16 iPhone 213426
Don’t you just get so proud of yourself sometimes when you make something cool in the kitchen?  Is that just me?  
I was kind of proud of myself for whipping up this french bread to accompany dinner one night:
2019 01 16 iPhone 213429
I’m pretty sure that happened to be the night when I had like twenty-five other things going on in the kitchen…Should have taken a picture of that humongous disaster on the counter behind me…
Got to catch up with these friends at a random last-minute dinner one night:
2019 01 19 iPhone 213452
Grace and I had a little impromptu tennis match.
2019 01 19 iPhone 213446
She CREAMED me.  
A little humiliating but mostly exciting 🙂
We have a family Marco Polo that I love.  Sometimes you just need to share beauty-walks through a spring-like day:
2019 01 20 iPhone 213459
Another cousin left for a mission…how crazy that he gets to now talk to his family every week!
2019 01 20 iPhone 213464
2019 01 20 iPhone 213498
Love that kid so much!
When a missionary leaves I sure love gathering with Dave’s family.  Of course, I love gathering with Dave’s family always, but love things like this that bring us together more often.
2019 01 20 iPhone 213499
It seems like life with older kids tends to spread us out further and wider and we don’t get together as much.
I sent this picture to my brother Josh.  He’s really into astronomy and I knew he’d be watching the “super blood moon” that night.
2019 01 20 iPhone 213495
And then he sent me this one right back:
2019 01 20 iPhone 213502
…and this one:
2019 01 20 iPhone 213503
Yeah, I’m pretty sure he wins.
Not that there was a contest, but LOOK AT THOSE BEAUTIES!!
Bike rides through sunny days:
2019 01 21 iPhone 213509
Birthday prep for this girl:
2019 01 20 winter 213120
Don’t you think she looks so pleased with her mother in that picture?
I’m pretty sure she’s saying something like “oh, my mom is the best!” in her mind in that picture…
This girl has changed in a couple months probably faster than any of my other kids did.  
2019 01 18 winter 212925
Yowzas she’s growing up!
A little traditional birthday cake:
2019 01 21 Claire s birthday 213251
And friend gatherings of all sorts throughout the day:
2019 01 21 Claire s birthday 213253
(Lot’s more about Claire’s birthday back HERE.)
I snuck off with this guy for a few days:
2019 01 22 iPhone 213591
2019 01 22 iPhone 213599
And we got to hang with this girl:
2019 01 24 iPhone 213791
2019 01 26 iPhone 213864
2019 01 26 iPhone 213866
(She painted that board.  Pretty cool, right?)
2019 01 23 iPhone 213679
(More pictures from that trip back HERE.)
Our flight pulled in back home (red-eye), and within a couple hours I was headed back to the airport with Lucy in tow to get to Wisconsin to visit some doctors.
Needless to say, it was a little bit of a change in the weather:
2019 01 26 iPhone 213975
We went from that Hawaiian set, to a desert sunrise:
2019 01 27 iPhone 213984
…to a Minneapolis twinkling evening pretty lickety-split.
2019 01 27 iPhone 214725
I’m sorry if this is a little bit too much information, but I want to remember a little of how this journey went…they needed a 24-hour urine sample from Lucy in Wisconsin and we didn’t want to go a whole day early just to hang out so we collected through our travels.
2019 01 27 iPhone 214004
Fun stuff right there!  Lucy was the best sport about all that, and we had a pretty fun date I have to say.
We were so happy to finally get to the hotel!
2019 01 27 iPhone 214010
Especially since we were driving through swirling snow.
Lucy is a pretty fun companion.  We listened to “Wonder” on her wiz-bang cool computer she gets to use through her Braille teacher:
2019 01 27 iPhone 214731
Woke up to this winter wonderland in the morning:
2019 01 28 iPhone 214735
…and got to do fun things like blood draws and finger pokes for a few hours:
2019 01 28 iPhone 214020
2019 01 28 iPhone 214747
Love that good girl of mine.
While we were gone, we missed the Children for Children concert:
2019 01 28 iPhone 214037
…which went off without a hitch without us and which I wrote all about back HERE.
Grace went to state for Student Council, and this is all I have to show for it:
2019 01 24 iPhone 213743
Grace, give me more pictures!!
Oh, here’s a good one from the wedding that somehow got filed in my January pictures…
2019 01 23 iPhone 213713
Love those good friends.
And that girl put in a LOT of work on her BYU-Hawaii application.  Here we are I think right after she hit “send”:
2019 01 30 iPhone 214050
(She pretty much planning on Utah State, but wanted to see what would happen with BYU-H too.)
That was also when I had a giant blood blister under my eye.  Which was another fun addition to the month.
January was the month we started our 2-hour church time block (rather than three) and we started really trying to help the kids give our little “Come, Follow Me” family lesson after church.  More on that soon, but I love technology where I can take a screenshot of the parts of the lesson I want my kids to teach, text it to them, and voila, they can prepare a little something:
2019 01 20 iPhone 213470
More volleyball:
2019 01 26 iPhone 213852
And our new family “ONE WORD” which is Connect this year:
2019 01 29 connect 213277
(More about that “one word” back HERE.
So a new little chalkboard adorns our kitchen counter where the old family themes have sat for the last couple years.
2019 01 31 walls 213333
(And yes, we might need to organize that little jumble behind it…)
And that wrapped up January.

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  1. Love, love, love your blog, been a long-time reader (years), and I absolutely Love the "Little Things" posts! I just want to say that you and your family (both immediate and extended families) inspire me everyday. What you all share is very special, and something I want to create and have in my future family with my future eternal companion! Still looking at 40, but I am grateful for a Heavenly Father who will provide those opportunities when the time is right! Bless you all!

  2. Hello! I love reading about how you and your family (extended and immediate) keep in touch even when dispersed throughout the world. You mention Family Marco Polo. Would you consider writing a post on how that works (do you use an app or text message) and how everyone seems to enjoy it (of all ages)? My family is across the US/globe as well and I'd love to find a new way to keep in touch and share day-to day things with everyone Thanks!

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Marco Polo is just an app you can put on your phone. It's perfect to keep in touch with family all over the world. You record a little something from your life and send it along and when everyone else does the same it's just such a fun way to connect. One of the keynote speakers at the I Am Mom summit is the founder of Marco Polo and she explains it well there if you want to check it out. Good luck!

    1. I happened to have a doctor appointment right after I wrote this and I did speak to her about this…she said the low heart rate is fine as long as it's not accompanied by other symptoms, which it's not. I've always had a slow heart rate but I didn't realize it was that slow! I appreciate your concern!

  3. Hi Shawni! I send a instagram message to Elle when she was in Portugal, since she was asking some advice!She even came to my city. I hope she enjoyed it 🙂
    Now I'm waiting for the rest of the family, and maybe I can give a little tour 😀

  4. Every few months we have a bright orange jug filled with pee in our fridge for 24 hours bahahaha!!!! Its become second nature lol. My 16 yr old daughter has a very rare genetic kidney disease so we've learned how to do all kinds of weird gross things and we laugh along the way! Thank goodness our family isn't shy!! 😉

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