Every Sunday after church Dave does “Jell-O” in the car with the whichever girls drive home with him (we always drive two cars, dumb but true).  

He takes turns really quick (but safe) so they all squish into each other in the back seat and he calls it “Jell-O,” and the girls eyes shine with glee.  

This last Sunday Lucy lucked out and got to be in Dave’s car.  They sputtered into the garage right after the rest of us did, their front tire hissing as it quickly deflated.  It was Jell-O gone wrong when Dave accidentally hit a curb.  

You would think it was Christmas morning from the looks on those two’s faces, they were incredibly delighted with themselves and were laughing their guts out.

Just a little snippet of a moment that I want to remember.


  1. Maybe it's because I'm in the UK but I don't really understand what this post is about.

    Please could someone explain what it means?


    1. I'm American and don't understand it all, besides that the car had a flat tire in the end. Perhaps it has too much 'inside' language to really explain to others?

    2. It's a game in which the people in the backseat of the car keep their seatbelts on, but go limp, so when you turn, you all squish against the one sitting at the window. It's good silly fun (until someone blows a tire!).

  2. So fun! My mom used to "car dance" with us down this one really long straight stretch of road (literally there was one anywhere near our house!) and it was always hysterical. She basically just turned the wheel side to side so the car "danced" (or maybe sashayed is better?) down the road. My kids think it's pretty fun now too!

    1. Great memories. Ours was called Casey Jr! Plus we had bump on Warner in Tempe, after visiting grandparents we would launch off the bump!! Sometimes doing it several times….. "hands in the air"!!!❤️ Simple things bring the best laughs! And maybe a car alignmet😂

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