The other day I was trying to convince my kids that journal-writing is fun. (I’m trying to get them to write more consistently.)

So I pulled out my journal arsenal:Boy howdy did I ever love writing when I was young.

I pulled out a few specific journals and we read a little together. Oh man I’m so thankful to have those memories in writing (at least most of them…some had me rolling my eyes). We read a little about how I fell in love with their Dad.

I showed them how I kept all kinds of things from trips growing up. Everything from tickets to castles in France to my straw wrapper from Taco Bell.
It worked: they were enthralled.

They sat right down and started writing up a storm. Claire taped in her reading flash cards. Grace taped in some things from our Mom/daughter over-nighter a couple weeks ago.

Elle has turned more to the blog kind of journal-writing. (Check out her latest photo shoot here.)

Now if we can just keep the journal stuff going…

I love journals.

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  1. I would love to introduce journals to my children. Do you have an tips or ideas on how to start them journaling? I love your blog, it gives me so much inspiration.


  2. AMEN to that Shawni. I have such a tremendous love of journals and keeping them.
    I just taught this lesson in YW too. I made the cutest little handout with an acid free pen and gave each of the girls a very cute journal to keep with ideas on what to put in their journals.
    After my mother was gone, her words still bring me comfort. I can go back and read in her little journals the words she had written. They have been true treasures. I'm shocked at how many you have saved, that's soooooo awesome and so important. Way to go girl.

  3. My 8 year old loves to journal! She has filled about 3 of them already and is working on 2 more! so fun to look back and read them. I also keep mother/daughter journals with each one of them back and forth (but it's mostly written in when they are upset, scared, worried, sad etc).
    I also keep a journal for each girl, a prayer journal and a regular journal for myself! so to put it mildly, I LOVE journaling also!!!!!
    I wish I had done more when I was younger, and I also wish I would NOT have thrown them away when I was an adult !!!!!!! (my younger years ones).
    I wish my 10 year old journaled more! will have to show her this post!!!

  4. awwwww how sweet! I get a bit embarrassed when I find my own diaries and what I wrote, who I was in love with , who I was having issues with!

    how great that it inspired your kids to write their own!

    we are just mastering writing our own name at the moment at the age of 4 so have a bit more time before we start journals!

    loving your blog,

  5. i love it. my girls love to journal. specially my older one. but, she has 2 or 3 going on at the same time. this inspires me to go, today, and get her a journal, one to be written in until its complete.
    how great it is to have that box full.

  6. That is some arsenal of journals! I'm sure your kids loved them. There have been so many times that as a mother, I wished that I could read my mother's journals to see what she did. She didn't keep a journal and now she doesn't really remember. What a keepsake you have!

  7. I have always kept journals and I LOVE reading back on them now, so many details you forget! I love the taco bell straw! I can't get my boys to do it…maybe I will have luck with Sienna…
    Your house looks good to with your sprucing up! Hope your having a fun summer!

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