Wait.  Stop the clock.  Let’s freeze time for a minute here before the holidays take over.  How in heaven’s name is Halloween already knocking on the door?
I’m going to try speedy-quick to sum up July.  Then hopefully August and September too because boy, it’s October. 
These “little things” posts are so fun for us to go back to though, so let’s reminisce about July for just a sec.
Most of it is already documented with a whole slew of pictures in other posts since there were so many things going on, but I want to link them all in here for easy access later.
We spent a lot of July exploring here:
It all started with Coronado for the 4th of July.

(more back HERE on that)

Then on to our mother-daughter-date exploring the coast of California road trip.

(Part 1 is HERE and Part 2 is HERE.)

Then we arrived at our beloved Bear Lake:

Meanwhile Max was exploring the southern part of Taiwan working his tail off on his mission over there with all these great folks:

…and Elle was living it up at BYU summer school.

My brothers had a conference down there for part of our Bear Lake time and took her out for some yogurt one day.

Man I’m grateful for these mentors she has in my brothers.

My mom arrived home from helping my sister with her first baby in time to snuggle up the grandkids:

…head to beautiful Bloomington Lake (here):

…and get the annual Eyrealm Reunion kicked off.

(Reunion posts for 2016 are HERE and HERE.)

We hung with Dave’s sister’s family for a bit (last post) en route home.

We arrived back home just in the nick of time to head to Claire’s Junior High school orientation.

That’s where she got to explore the school and get her schedule before all the real hoopla began.

We did a LOT of swimming:
And my last child in elementary school got to go to the school a couple days before the beginning to find out who her teacher was.

Lu and I went with our friends to look at the class lists.  I thought this text was funny between Lu and my friend leading up to the big “teacher/class reveal:”

Meanwhile Dave’s parents were working their hearts out in Ghana helping so many people with their businesses over there.

They learned so much and I’m sure taught so much and I just love that they are always so anxiously engaged in a good cause and don’t mind making some hefty sacrifices to do it.  I just wish we could have transported ourselves over to experience it all and help them!

We started the season of having this girl reign as the oldest child home:

…and it’s been pretty great.

In July the “season of missionary farewells” was in full-swing.

Boy we have seen a lot of these great kids head out to expand their horizons and spread the “good word” that brings so much happiness.

After all those July happenings, ready or not, it was time to hunker down and whip ourselves into shape since school started on August 3rd.  Please don’t start in July next year! 

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  1. I hope Lucy got a good teacher so she wasn't scared anymore! 🙂
    I am also always a bit behind in updating, can't believe winter is just around the corner!

  2. Loved every picture and I agree with Charity on Lucy! Just got our darling and hilarious thank you note for her birthday present. I love her giggle and she also makes me giggle!

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