Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s half way through July, but I have to write down a few things that happened in June because I’ll forget them if I don’t. I can hardly stand that this time is passing by so darn fast. Wow. We are here at Bear Lake and I can’t stand how pretty it is. More pictures on that coming when I get a minute, but for now, here’s June:

My friend Claudia found out the Art Museum downtown was free on Tuesday nights. So we loaded up her suburban with our big kids and headed into town.As I mentioned before, I love art. So what a better way to share it with my kids. Max had a bad attitude about it at first…I mean, what 11-year-old boy would really beg to go to the art museum with four girls and two moms. But I must say he loved it. Our favorite piece was called “Fireflies” and it was a small dark room completely lined with mirrors (even a shiny, reflective floor) with hundreds of little colorful lights hanging around. It made it look like you were floating around with a bunch of fireflies. Cool stuff.
Dave’s sister and her family came to visit from Utah. The above pic. is Max with her cute twins. Man we love those guys.

I wrote about this but here are the pictures: I taught classes at Domestic Bliss…
one with my beloved Mom….…and one with my amazing brother who has taught me pretty much everything I know about computers and photo post-editing. He’s so darn talented.One of the girls in the photography class took these pictures while we I was trying to get the class to try different ISOs and manual settings. She was so cute to send them to me.(Grace was there straight from swim team to be a “model.”)Among other things while my mom was here we went to the Science Center. Love that place. Sorry to be redundant, but man oh man I love my mom.
Elle and a couple of her friends decided to host a progressive swim party for all the Activity Day girls. They made the cutest invitations with only a tiny bit of help from one of the moms (above), and then they personally rode their bikes around the neighborhood delivering them (below). Check out those bright red cheeks…all for the cause.
It was a big success. Good job Elle!
We went with cousins and friends to take a tour of the Post Office. It was really so interesting…at least what I heard amidst Lucy’s restlessness.
Did you know these mail trucks have no air conditioning in them? Seriously, that’d be tough.

Max had a great time at his first week long basketball camp. We missed him like crazy but he couldn’t have been happier about the whole experience and got us all involved in a game of “pig” lickety split.

We hosted a couple swim parties. The kids are loving blocking off the waterfall, letting all the water build up, and then letting it go.

My friend and I put on our own two-week cooking class for Elle and her friend (salad recipe coming from that). Max and Elle also learned to make chicken pot pie. Boy howdy it was good.
We got full swing into our FHE swim nights. Can’t get enough of that pool. Of course, Lucy wasn’t too interested about getting in…
…watching from the side with her one ponytail was good enough for her.
Dave and I celebrated anniversary number thirteen. We went downtown and stayed at this awesome hotel and went out to eat at this most delicious restaurant (above). We also shopped and sat by the pool…I love anniversaries.
We had a little work done in our dining room. The guys finished literally minutes before I left for the airport darn, I don’t have an after picture.

So there you have it. June. It was one crazy month. And despite the fact that I’m here, on “vacation,” July’s chocking up to be pretty darn crazy as well even being up at the lake.

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  1. I have to say my favorite picture is the one of Lucy standing on the side of the pool with her ONE pony in – that is a typical picture of both my girls at that age. It’s just REAL life!!

  2. Thanks for all of the fun filled summer memories! The girls loved visiting the art museum with your girls. I’ll give you a call next week to let you know if we are going to be stopping by Bear Lake. I need a little “Shawni” time.

  3. Looks like it has been a fun summer for you. Glad you didn’t work too hard while you were here in SL but glad that you did a little 🙂
    A cooking class for kids is such a great idea that I will have to try next summer. What kinds of things did you make?
    It was great to meet you and I hope that you have a great rest of the summer! P.S. DId you make it to Bloomington Lake? Someone just told me about a Willow Lake? I am itchin’ to get up there soon and get a raspberry shake and enjoy the beautiful lake!

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