My sweetest new neighbor, who knows Lucy loves art, dropped by a couple weeks ago to bring us a little treat and to ask if Lu might want to teach her first-grade daughter an art class.

How sweet is that for her to come up with that idea?

I was unsure how Lucy would respond to this…such an honor to be a “teacher” but also, that girl is onto people who are just trying to “help” her, and she gets frustrated with random situations and I’ll be honest, I was nervous.  I didn’t want her to get frustrated with that sweet little girl here, and as we discussed the possibility she was hesitant.  She didn’t know what to teach, yet she didn’t want any advice.  We discussed the option off and on for a week and finally she decided that yes, she wanted to do this thing.

Then she kept changing days when she wanted to do it.  And gosh it was sure sweet of her new little pupil to patiently wait for Lu to figure out the “perfect” day and situation.

But finally the day arrived and Lucy taught “self-portraits” (with minimal input from her mother :).

As those two girls sat there at the table chatting and drawing my heart was just so full of gratitude for the many forms of kindness that exhibit themselves in life.

Sometimes in the form of asking for an art class.  Or maybe showing up with a meal, or kind word/compliment, or a phone call.  It can be big or little, but man, kindness goes a long way!


  1. It's quite interesting that you always refer to others being kind if it concerns Lucy. In this instance, the neighbour is kind because of asking Lucy; it's not Lucy because of agreeing.

    I am NOT trying to be unkind! It's just something I remarked.

    1. Just a thought from my perspective, I have a 16 year old son with Down Syndrome. I notice how different his interests are from his same age friends. He still loves to play with Power Rangers while his friends are getting their driver’s license, thinking about college, etc. I’m always grateful, that despite their differences, his friends still take the time to cheer him on, greet him in the hallways, invite him to join in with them. It would be easy for them to just go on their way and ignore him but they don’t. I feel so much gratitude that they are so kind to him so I thank them for their kindness. Thank you for reminding me to notice the kindness that my son shows to others also and to praise him also.

    2. I absolutely comprehend your feelings and didn't mean to say that neither your son's friends nor Lucy's friends (or the neighbour) aren't kind as well!

    3. Yes good question, and thank you Shanon because you answered it perfectly. Lucy does share kindness as well, and I should make sure I point that out as well. I think with Lucy's issues I just have an extra measure of such deep gratitude for the things that others do for her. She is going through some rough pre-teen emotions which makes me more grateful than ever for her "village" that buoys her up in so many ways.

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