We had a wing-dinger of a Labor Day weekend.

It all started out with Dave giving me a “day away” to catch up with my life totally out of the blue. I went to his office all by myself one day and got so much work done. Man alive, that man knows just what I need. For the life of me I can’t seem to stay caught up with emails and ideas, thoughts I want to record, pictures to edit and with everything else in life going so fast. It felt so good to get some projects and applications caught up on.

Then we loaded up the kids and headed into the city to take advantage of one of the hotel deals we found. I loved being just with our little family. We often do things with extended family or with friends and although I LOVE those things, it did something to my heart to have so much one on one time just with our own family.

The kids pretty much loved it too. At first they kept asking who else was coming along and looked at me funny when I told them it was just our little family. But man alive they really liked it.

It was a kind of funny hotel we stayed in, but the fact that they had these huge, fat fish swimming around was pretty awe inspiring to the kids.Plus a glass elevator and free cook-to-order breakfast (all you can eat bacon)…they pretty much thought they had died and gone to Heaven.

We swam our little hearts out in the pool (you know it’s good when mom gets her hair wet).(not sure what’s up with swimming in flip flops…)(Claire was attached at the hip to her doll.)
Elle requested an impromptu photo shoot.


I couldn’t believe my ears.We stayed up and played games (memory with the little kids then Rumikub with the big ones).
We took the new light rail system to the art museum I’ve been itching to take the kids to for a while.(Our experience on there was an adventure in and of itself…worthy of another blog post later.)

Lu was in charge of the tickets. She promptly lost them all…luckily no one ever checked…
I love when kids just love each other even when they think no one’s looking:
And I LOVE art. I almost majored in art history in college for crying out loud. I love it how my sister loves it, and she explained it so eloquently here that I’ll go ahead let that suffice for my explanation as to why I love it so much.

After some bribing with the kids I think I got them to like it too.
Modern art really is awesome.

Some of our favorites:(There was an awesome Cezanne exhibit I loved too…Dave and the kids weren’t quite so hip to the jive about that part.)

Then we took another (not so eventful) ride on the lightrail back to our car and headed home.
…And got there just in time to swim and have dinner with some good friends.I love Labor Day.

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  1. Awesome pictures (as always!) I took my 5 year old to SF MOMA last summer, which was awesome. I love art too, but sharing with my kids is even better!

  2. Looks like a great weekend. I took my kids to that museum about a month ago. Their absolute favorite was the dark room with the lights (I noticed it was pictured in your favorites too!).

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