After the reunion and Bloomington Lake, we left the lake and headed on a little family trip to Jackson Hole (man we sure are trying to soak up family time before our boy takes off for college!).  But first, we met up with our cousins in order to fit in our second annual Lagoon trip.
You see, last year, after years of begging we decided to give in and take the kids to an amusement park near where our cousins live.  
And of course, the cousins were part of the plan.  
It’s interesting how something as little of that can become a tradition.

A pretty fun tradition I have to say!

 (That’s my favorite ride I think.  See Elle and McKenna below on the left?)

A highlight was riding the brand new ride there.

Ok, maybe that one’s my favorite.  It is AWESOME.  See those people heading down that slope at behind us?  I am a roller-coaster-lover through and through.

My childhood fav. was “Tidal Wave.”  (We lived close to Lagoon and got to go on very rare occasion.)  Didn’t disappoint Julie and I this year 🙂

One ride that did disappoint was this one water one (I think “cliff hanger”) that pretty much just strapped us in and doused us with a waterfall.

We were hot, so a little water is nice, but a waterfall?  Seth cracked us all up with all his banter on the ride so it was totally worth getting drenched.  Us two got the most soaked:

These two were the biggest dare-devils:

(We left the two littlest with a babysitter…Lu didn’t love it so much last year.)

So crazy that I ran into one of my best high school guy friends that I haven’t seen for years right as we were leaving.  His wife was the daughter of Dave’s mission president in Taiwan.  Such a small world and such a cute family.

Hard to leave this cute family behind as we took off to begin our trek on to Jackson:

Love them so much.

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  1. That's too funny about the Cliffhanger ride. We went to Lagoon last week for the first time in 11 years. My husband saw that they'd just opened up Cliffhanger where it had been closed earlier in the day, and there was no line. He wanted to try it out and we watched the people before him just get soaked. The ride didn't even drop fast or rise fast or anything, it just went slowly up and down and soaked them. We tried to signal my husband to come back but it was too late! So disappointing. There's a reason it doesn't have a line!

  2. I love your family! How is it that your family seams like it's just one of my older Sister's?! I love it! You inspire me and as my oldest is 7, it's so fun to look at yours and anticipate for what's ahead for me!!!! And not to mention I just love a strong LDS family! (and my husband's parents may have met your parents sometime ago, so that's fun! It may have been through My Mother-in-law's Aunt, Beverly Campbell who is a Deseret book auther too, although I have no idea if it was through her or not. It's just fun that when I mention the Eyre's, they know them! So fun!) And I absolutely love your book too!!!!!!!! (That's how I came to follow your blog years ago!!!) Thanks!

  3. I Just love your family! Yes, the Cliff Hanger disappointed us, too. I was drenched from head to toe last week and so bummed because it ruined my phone!

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