Dear Lucy, 

Today you turn TWELVE.

(As you very well know…you have been counting down the days since last year with your eyes twinkling every time you think about that fact.)
But I as your mother can hardly believe it.  You are growing up right before my eyes.
You were just this little sweetheart snuggled up on my shoulder:

And then you grew… 

And grew…
And grew…
And grew…
And you have turned into a lovely young lady.  
Sometimes it makes my heart break that you are growing so fast, but most of the time it makes my heart ache with how much I love you.
Eleven things I adore about you:
1)  You “sees” the world with completely different lenses and teach me so much from your vantage point.  You beat to your own drum and don’t care what anyone else thinks.
2)  You have the best sense of humor accompanied by the best laugh.  Seriously, we can’t help but smile when you are in a joking, trash-talking, card-sharking, king of the castle kind of a mood.

3)  You are creative…from how you draw to how you sing to how you write to how you build (Legos).  You put your own creative spin on everything and I love it.
4)  You are a born gatherer and work hard to gather friends of all kinds to help you with those Legos 🙂  You have mastered the art of texting those friends’ mothers on my phone, always complete with hearts and all kinds emojis.  
5)  You are the best dog-owner and are fiercely protective of Bo.  You think Bo is the best thing to ever walk the earth.

6)  You are one of the most organized people I know.  You make sure everything is “just-so,” everything in it’s proper place.  And that is a quality every mother can appreciate.

7)  This helps you to be the best in the family at doing her jobs and checking off her lists.  There’s something about checking those off that speaks to you and makes you happy.  (thank you!) Another gift of hers that is a gift to your mother 🙂
8)  You are passionate.  Passionate about what you like…and also what you do NOT like.  Passionate about your art style and your writing style.  Passionate about Narnia and weaving your love of Aslan (and Christ) into so many things in life.
9)  You have the most amazing connection to Heaven I’ve seen.  It is deep in your bones and makes your life beautiful when you recognize it.  How I hope you will always feel that beauty.
10)  You are so good at expressing yourself in writing.  You can write up the most thoughtful thank you notes and stories and explanations.  (I loved your five-page novel about what you want to happen on your birthday today!  It has been a pretty great guide for us in preparation for the big day!  “As you know my birthday is coming up and I have some ideas of my own!  So here are some things I want, some things I hate so you will be sure what not to get me, what I want for my birthday and to help you out I put my favorite things!  I’ll have to share the “surprise party” idea on on that note that had us cracking up… it is GOOD!)
11)  You are working hard at wrangling in your emotions.  The other day you were about to fly off the handle and I could see your gears moving to calm yourself down and be in control.  It was a beautiful thing.
12)  You give the best, and most sincere hugs in the whole world and you give them often.

Love you forever LuLu!  I’m the luckiest mama to get you as my girl.  Hope today is the best day ever!


  1. Happy, HAPPY Birthday to LUCY!!! 🙂
    Wow! 12 years old. I bet she is so excited to be in Young Women's.
    I hope she has the happiest of birthdays!

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