School is O-V-E-R and I’m so happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I think school is great, but these last few weeks had me hanging on by my fingernails with everything going on (a bunch of it not even school related stuff), and we are all ready for a break.

It was strange though, how excited I was for that last bell to ring, but that my eyes still welled up with tears at the assembly yesterday.…surrounded by my dear friends and all these kids I’ve gotten so attached to who come hug me in the halls.

The principal had the kids do one last cheer and there I sat, amidst a sea of screaming, hollering elementary school kids, letting this ominous fact soak into my brain: my kids are one year older.

I don’t like that.

Grace is now in FOURTH grade, Claire is in FIRST, and Elle, well, she’s a Jr. High girl now. See her up there with all those sixth graders?
Yeah, she’s not too sad about it.

This is Mrs. Dosil…who was these sixth-graders’ awesome kindergarten teacher:
What in the world happened to make that time go so darn fast??

This is their teacher this year:
(He was pretty darn good himself.)

Back in Elle’s classroom, Elle was about to fall over in excitement when he handed over her straight-A report card (and sixth-grade graduation diploma thingy). She worked hard.
Lu thinks she is part of that class:

I mean, how could she not when these cute kids dote over her like she’s the Queen of Sheeba?

Claire got to have a water party at the end of school:
Her face tells the story…do you think she was excited about it?
One of these boys was her “boyfriend” for much of her kindergarten year:…not quite sure how I feel about that one, but she did pick a cute one.

And these teachers:
Love them.

I can’t believe this is the only picture I have of Grace’s dear teacher:
(taken with my falling-apart point-and-shoot with the iso up way too high…ooops)
I adore that Mrs. Thompson.

This is the sole picture I got of Max (I don’t know that anyone would take kindly to a Mom hanging out at the Junior High on the last day of school), but it tells a good story: He’s telling Dave about his straight-A finals on the phone and holding up the movie passes the school gave kids who never got ninth-hour all year (like detention).
Way to go, Max. I’m so excited he and Elle get to be in Jr. High together next year.

So there you have it: the last days of school.

I know that summer isn’t all fun and games. I have a serious “summer bucket list” in the making (I’ll post it soon) that I keep warning my kids about. We’re going to have serious jobs and chores around here amidst the fun. I have stacks of papers from school piled up to the ceiling that we need to sort and put away.

But for a couple days we’re just going to bask in the luxury of freedom.

We’ve had parties galore, yesterday and today. I loved sleeping in with Dave this morning and hearing the quiet chatter of the little girls outside our bedroom (Max and Elle slept over at friends’) as we listened to the whir of the fan and had two minutes to actually talk.

Welcome, Summer. So far, I love you.

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  1. congrats on so much accomplishment. The kids looks great, you guys too. Have a fabulous summer. I was struck by the seeming lack of diversity in the school shots. Is Utah typically that way? Just curious. I'm a New Yorker!

  2. Holy crow! I can't believe how stinkin many kids there are. WOW! I feel like I live in a little po dunk town now. That's amazing.
    Okay, so now I'm curious….which boy ws her "boyfriend"? Even though they are all cuties, I would have picked the cutie in the blue and white flowered trunks.
    BTW: Lauralee….if I'm not mistaken, they are not in Utah they are in Arizona.

  3. I decided my kids are doing my "nesting" with me this year. They spent three hours this morning cleaning out every cupboard in kitchen, pantry, fridge, freezer, washing cupboards, etc. I loved it. They were happy about it for about the first two hours and then they played hard the rest of the day. Tomorrow we are doing floor boards and walls and light switches. (I'm too pregnant to do it all myself)

  4. What date do your kids usually start school? I'm a 4th grade teacher in Oregon and we don't get out until June 15th. I wish it were sooner (we start the first week of September.)

  5. Susan, You are correct. Sorry Phoenix right? We are thinking of a western move but are a mixed family. Just wondering about the population – Thanks.

  6. You're right, Lauralee…not much diversity here in our suburban area. I totally crave a little more of that! But we are very thankful to live in an area we love so much.

    And Susan, it was the boy with the black plaid swimsuit. Cute huh.

    Joelle, we start school in the beginning of August. I don't like that one bit. I think we should go from September to June like you guys do.

    Anne, love the nesting idea, and Patrice, I'm with you…laziness is ok for a few days.

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