The M Family…

I must say these guys were pretty fun to shoot. It was interesting to watch the four boy/one girl dynamic as opposed to our opposite four girls/one boy.

Their mom claimed that the boys tease each other constantly, but from the looks of these pictures I couldn’t believe her. Seriously, there’s some love oozing out of there.And they have such a sweet sister to put up with them all…

And then there was the W family…with their new darling baby.…who wasn’t overjoyed about taking pictures. But I LOVE crying baby pictures. Especially when it makes all the siblings laugh.

I felt so happy for this handsome boy that he got a brother. Poor Max.

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  1. Im so excited for mine 🙂 Ive been looking at your website for ideas for picts of James…since theres only 3 of us you probably won’t have to do too many! But hopefully he will cooperate! Thanks Shawni!

  2. Max is lucky. Just think. When he gets back from his mission, his gorgeous sister will have gorgeous friends. And then, if none of her friends work, he can pick the next gorgeous sisters gorgeous friends. He’ll be just fine. 🙂

    Also, before you know it, all those girls of yours will be married and he’ll have lots of brothers. Not the same, I know, but my husband just came back from a trip with brothers that he organized and had a blast.

    But I hear you, I feel like I need to produce a brother for Henry.

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