Last week Dave and I decided to get serious about helping Lu with a few things she’s falling behind on:

Riding a bike and tying shoes.

We’ve let those things slip a bit in the whirlwind of moving and house selling activity around here.

So we made a deal that Dave would work with her on bike riding and I would work with her on shoe tying, button-upping, and zippers.  We’d each do our part for ten minutes each day.  If I forgot or didn’t do it Id owe Dave a fifteen minute back rub that night.  And if he forgot he’d do the same for me.

We set up the plan with Lucy and got going.

We both held up our end of the bargain, but Dave was a little more successful:

I PROMISE we are faithful with bike helmets but the one day Elle videoed they must not have been able to find that darn thing.  
But I still had to share.  We are so excited around here for our newest bike rider!!  It’s been a lot of years in coming.  Thanks all you wonderful readers who sent in suggestions…they all made a big difference! 
Go Lucy!  (And Go Dave too…although I would have loved a back rub…HA! 🙂


  1. So funny…my husband and I had the same deal with our 6 YO over Christmas Break (he was supposed to finally teach him to ride the bike he got for Christmas LAST year & I was supposed to teach him to tie his shoes). Somehow I ended up doing both?? We definitely should have made a back rub part of the deal 😉

  2. In the next day or two I'm hoping to buy a new bike for my turning-8-years-old this weekend little girlie (who doesn't like the color pink!) and I would SO love to know where you got Lucy's bike! My daughter would be in love with that one and I've been on the hunt! If you have a second I'd love to know. Thank you!!! 🙂

  3. We had good luck putting in two different color laces to help with learning to tie. It is easier to talk them through it by saying the color of the lace versus the one in the right or left hand.

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