My awesome brother is helping me reformat my blog (WOOHOO!  This thing is in desperate need of an overhaul and can I tell you how much I love my brother??).  I am so excited to switch over, but boy howdy, it’s more of a process than I anticipated!  Hoping we can get it done by next week.  I am going to wait to post the rest of our Africa adventure until I have a format that can post better high res pictures.

Until then, I have a two videos I wanted to share today and a few catch-up posts…

I came across this little clip of Bo Jangles from a couple years ago when we were making a video to kick-off our hosting of the Eyrealm Reunion.  (Seems timely since we’re gearing up for that reunion soon…)  This video caught me off-guard as I listened.  Sure Bo Jangles is funny (we gave her a little peanut butter to make her “talk” for our voice-over on the video), but what I love much more than that is the laughing in the background.  I don’t think there’s much better than a little laughing for the soul…especially with your family.  Oh gosh we couldn’t stop!

(That whole video is in this post back HERE if you want to see how it all turned out.  We were proud of our work.  Ha!)

Another thing I wanted to share was a devotional I listened to during my run this morning that made me tear up a few times.  Someone recommended it back HERE, and my sister-in-law recommended it again last night and you know how some things just speak to you?  This did that for me.  I’m excited to listen to it with my girls when we can actually gather everyone in the same spot.  Here you go!

If you don’t have a lot of time, skip past the very first part, and if you’re on your mobile device reading this, here’s a link to get there:  Love the stories and also the C.S. Lewis quotes.

Happy Thursday!

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