I posted this on my Instagram story last week.

And I loved the question someone sent in reply: “Do you suppose a mother’s faith offers such protection to her children?”

I stopped in my tracks because isn’t that a beautiful thought?

I do believe a mother’s faith (and a father’s too), and love, and wrestle in prayer can offer that protection as Mother Nature does.

Layer upon layer of armor to combat what comes their way as they begin to build their own foundations.

I also believe, to take it one step further, that there are angels who can also help build those layers. Angels who have gone before. I think of that every time we quote “the impossible” from my Grandma Hazel, or “if a person practices love, then everything else takes care of itself,” from my Grandpa Dean.

As those lines run through their hearts from those “angels” (and many others) who have gone before, I hope those “layers” will add to the ones Dave and I are trying to wrap them with.

We can learn so much from Mother Nature.


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  1. I love this! Amazing things happen as we observe the Lord’s hand in our lives. I love the beauty of angels. I often pray for angels to surround my children. If we could see, with our human eyes, through the matter that angels are made of–would we see the generations of angels surrounding us and cheering us on, offering loving advice and support, and protecting us within their abilities? What do you think of angels? Have you felt their angelic support?

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