I just listened to this cool podcast for my podcast group all about legacies and “things to do before you die.”

It made me think of how amazing it is when people have a vision and the ability to make things come to pass.

Our friend’s dad had a vision, years and years ago, of building a place in the mountains (the ranch) where his family could gather for years to come. Where connections could be fostered, relationships strengthened.

Tragically, he passed away from some heart complications much too early. Yet his legacy lives on, and his family gathers often and remains strong in that beautiful gathering spot he had the vision to leave behind.

He built it for his family and posterity, yes, but he may or may not have included in his vision that friends of his family would also be able to build and nurture connections there. We have the best memories at the ranch, and feel deep gratitude for Dennis every time we visit.

A few years ago our friends started planning an annual college reunion there, and it just came up a few weeks ago.

Loved that we got to gather with these good people and renew our connections together. Man, we share so many memories spanning so many years!

And have reminisced and laughed and cried about those memories on this porch over and over again:

The weekend wasn’t all just sitting around reminiscing though.

Let’s back up for a second to when we were back in the valley and our college friends all started flying into town.

In the middle of dinner, I had to excuse myself to get Lu from MCO to the Homecoming carnival at the school (this was worrisome, she is a wildcard at things like this), but I felt peace that this time it would work.

As I watched that girl of mine maneuver with her cane through that high school jumble of people and booths in the dark of night to find her friends (she was not about to let me help her find them), I wondered again at this motherhood thing. It is so deep and vast and wide and filled with so many variables!

See her down there in the middle below?

She made it though and came out triumphant. Go Lu!

I got back to the restaurant just as everyone was finishing up, under the soft string lights on the patio, and Dave and I went to Claire’s game along with one of the couples en route to the ranch, so fun to watch together (even though they got beat).

And then, it was off to the memories flowing at the ranch.

And good food.

And walks through all the beauty.

And talk, talk, talking deep.

Love these ladies!

I drove back down to the valley to get Claire off to Homecoming (all that jazz about that dance back HERE),

…and I got to have a sunset ride with my other girl Lucy after the big kids were off.

Had a leadership RS meeting early the next morning, then got back just in time for “ranch church,” which was so good:

We visited Tonto Natural Bridge which was beautiful:

It is supposed to be the largest natural travertine bridge in the world.

Yep I said it, in the world! Pretty incredible.

We hiked in and and out of that thing.

And headed back up to the ranch for games.

And some other funny stuff.

Gosh, I am grateful to have this “family” of friends who “get” us and have been there through thick and thin through the years.

And for visions and legacies that help keep connections strong.

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