Claire has learned a lot from track.

1) It takes a lot of grit to run on this dirt track in nearly 100 degree weather every day after school:

2)  Don’t look from side to side and worry about how fast others are going…concentrate on yourself and look to the goal:

(That’s a goal for life she actually learned and applied last year…but still holds very true this year.)

3)  Listen to your handsome side-coach Dad:)

4)  Keep going.  Even when you want to give up and when you have to do it alone.

5)  Run the race no one else wants to run (apparently that’s the 400).
That way you’ll qualify for the conference track meet:

 Let’s get a close-up of that last one:

(She took second in the qualifier on that one, and 5th overall…go Claire!)

6) Agree to do the 4×4…another race not many want to do…

7)  Realize that if you do these two 400s back to back, you will be pretty tuckered out…but also pretty happy from a job well done “in the arena.”

(She and her team took third in this one, which means they got to sign and keep the baton…exciting stuff around here I tell you!)

8) Run with sweet friends.

…and your great second cousin…

 …who did the same races for the boys’ team.

They crammed in a little awards ceremony amidst the rest of the stuff vying for a spot after the teacher strike in the end-of-the-year hoopla (this night was also shared with the elementary school talent show that Lucy made it for, and the big social media conference thing that came to town.  Dave had to miss it so we took a bunch of pics for him, and luckily my mom was in town and we divided and conquered and all was well).

Yep it was a good season.

Who knows if track is in Claire’s future…it’s the same time as the tennis season in high school and I think she’ll chose that, but so glad she got to experience it in junior high!

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  1. RESPECT. That is what I feel for Claire. Yes, the 400 m. is one TOUGH race. And to think she's running and racing in 100 degree weather. Wow! Impressive.
    Claire looks like she was made to be a 400 m. runner. I love track, and I love this post and the pictures. Great job, Claire! Love your dedication and determination.
    Love all the "lessons learned from track"– so true.

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