…that I wasn’t too lazy to carry around my big camera the night before we left for India. OR that iPhones take better pictures in the dark. ‘Cause I loved the night before we left…and the only thing I had to capture it with was that little iPhone of mine. You know how sometimes there’s just a string of golden moments right in a row and all seems right in the world?  This was one of those nights.  I don’t know why…nothing grand happened.  There was just so much excitement and anticipation in the air on the verge of our trip. We packed up and left the little girls at Bear Lake with hugs and kisses…we were off to finish our trip prep from Salt Lake before we flew out the next morning to meet Dave in CA and continue on to the other side of the world. Of course, when in Salt Lake you must stop at Hires for a Big H and reminisce about high school days with your teenagers who you realize in horror are the same age as you were when you frequented that place.2012-07-19 summer 56605 This is how organized I am about making lists of to-dos before going on trips:2012-08-25 iPhone 597622012-08-25 iPhone 59765It’s a wonder we ever actually get anywhere I tell you. My brother and sister-in-law came down form Bear Lake with us.  In the midst of getting Max’s Eagle project books packed up right (more about that here) and trying to buy some last-minute stuff they invited us to join them at the church history museum downtown where we were staying.  I love that place so we couldn’t turn down their invitation.2012-07-19 summer 566062012-07-19 summer 566072012-07-19 summer 566082012-07-19 summer 56610 I think that last one (above) was my favorite piece of art there because of this (below) as it’s description.2012-07-19 summer 56611How I’d love to develop that “ultimate character and iron determination” as depicted in Abraham. 2012-07-19 summer 56612 I think the woman who painted this next one is my fav. artist alive today (aside from Lucy🙂2012-07-19 summer 56613Her name is Rose Dall and we used to live by her and her family in Virginia.  I got to take art classes from her and she’s phenomenal.  Some day I will save up and buy one of her paintings. (More about her here and here.) We walked back to the condo in the perfect equilibrium weather evening. I thought my heart would burst watching these teenagers of mine with their little cousin.2012-07-19 summer 566142012-07-19 summer 566192012-07-19 summer 56620 (Remember we’re pretending my iPhone takes better pictures…)2012-07-19 summer 56621 It was magical I tell you. Love these guys.2012-07-19 summer 56624All of them. And with that, we caught a couple hours of sleep, woke up to this gorgeous view:2012-07-20 India 56249 …and flew off on our adventure of a lifetime. INDIA.  (All the India posts are in order from last to first if you click here.)

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  1. My lists look exactly like that…I understood everything!! =)
    I love reading your blog…it is my morning smile.
    We are going to do a daytrip from Utah to Bear Lake this coming summer….any special things we should check out while we are there?

  2. This post has a few of my favorite things 🙂 Hire's Big H is sooo good, I always heard about it from my Mom and soon got addicted after moving to UT.

    PLUS I played rugby with Rose Dall's daughter!! She is a sweeheart and I looooove Sister Dall's art!!

    Fun times in SLC 🙂

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