When the girls and I were visiting my brother and his family in NYC last summer he introduced us to a place we all dream about on a regular basis:
Oh man, that place is out of this world, always with a line of people waiting to partake of it’s deliciousness.  Warm cookies right out of the oven that are so good.
So you can imagine how excited I was when my friend had made a copycat recipe a couple months ago for book club.
That picture above is directly from THIS LINK, which you MUST check out.  So much good stuff on that blog!
And what’e even better than the fact that the recipe happened to be from my brother-in-law’s sister’s amazing cooking skills (which is actually no surprise because she is a prize-winning baker.  Literally.
if you want some more pictures that will make you drool, click HERE where there are step by step instructions.  I loved reading the story of how she came up with the recipe.  She is one in a million that Melissa.

They are pure deliciousness I tell you!

But I think these chocolate peanut butter ones may have won in my girls’ (my own as well as my young women at church’s) eyes:

Another picture I stole from Melissa’s blog because you must see the deliciousness…
and then click HERE to check out the details.

Also, I was googling Levain Cookies to put a link in this blog post and found another copycat recipe as well which of course I had to try.  That recipe is HERE in case you want to have a bake-off party.

Just have to load people up with some treat ideas in December you know?  Because it’s not like we have very much sugar around, right?

Ha!  Enjoy!

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  1. The chocolate peanut butter chip cookie at Levain is such a family favorite that I'm making them for Christmas. my girls go to school in NYC so whenever we visit them, we try to get the real thing 🙂

  2. I'm so sorry Shawni but I'm so confused on which recipie you made or whose recipie you took a picture?
    Did you make the book club recipie or you mentioned your brother in law but then you said "she is amazing". Are the pictured recipies the woman at book club?
    Then you linked another recipie

    Which one did you like and/or make?


    1. That's what I get from posting way too fast on my way out the door this morning! Sorry to be confusing and HI MELISSA!! I hope you don't mind that I borrowed pics. from your blog because my temporary was almost false advertising …I left my good pictures at home and I'm out of town.

      And now I'm signing off because my mouth is watering 🙂

  3. Thanks so much, sweet Shawni! I received a text from a friend today wondering if I was related to you. I responded that you were my brother's sister-in-law and said how much I love you! Now, I know why she was asking. Thanks so much for the shout out. Those cookies are a family favorite. I put the links to the recipes as well above since Kris was asking. Hope you are well. I miss seeing you! xo

  4. Hi Shawni. You shared a recipe a few years ago for a cookie that has craisins and white chocolate morsels (and some other good ingredients) but I can't find it for the life of me. Any chance you know what I'm talking about and have it available and could pass it along to me? I made them back then and they weee delicious, especially this time of year. Thanks for your help. My email address is Lindsay Glover at Live dot com. Thanks 🙂

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