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  1. I just love your posts. Each one is like a little dessert. When I have a bunch of new blog posts to read, I always save yours for last.

    Have a great day!

  2. I know this is random but where did you get your brown leather ottoman? I've been looking for one just like it and your help would be great. Love it!

  3. My family is going to be in Bear Lake for 3 days in June. We don't all live near each other and so I wanted to surprise my parents and get family pictures while there. Nothing fancy at all just one big group picture. Not sure when you'll be there or if you'd even be interested in the little side job but I'd love to "chat" with ya and see if we're there at the same time. If you have a second to email me that would be great.

  4. Just a random comment- you mentioned Lucy loving the book "monster at the end of the book." I just checked out a book from the library for my son called "there are cats in this book." It reminded me a lot of the grover book. I bet she'd love it!

  5. Can you recommend any good books for a 10 yr old girl? I see your girls reading away, and we are always in need of good books around our house.

  6. I found your blog from bycommonconsent's post about children's modesty. Can I just say that your blog and family give me hope for the LDS church? I have struggled with my testimony for 5 years, and I worry about my two very young babies growing up in what I feel is an oppressive culture, especially to girls. But your life gives me hope that maybe my kids CAN grow up Mormon and happy inside, that they aren't mutually exclusive. Thanks for re-lighting my hope.

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