My brother and his wife came to visit from NYC. We took them out for some authentic Mexican food and LOVED catching up with them.
Does that sunset look fake or what? The sky is so gorgeous here in the desert.

They came to Elle’s tennis tournament with us and we soaked in the faint crispness that is starting to seep into the oven of hot air around here.
We had to celebrate with frozen yogurt when we were done.

Although she didn’t knock our socks off with her performance on the tennis court, Elle sure knows how to pile up those balls.
Claire has taken it upon herself to make a photographic journey of her life. She has taken over my small camera. Some day we will have hours upon hours of video/photo coverage of that girl and random snipets of our family life as she walks around recording things.
Maybe I should go through it all to see how much yelling she has from me on record…

Lucy waiting for the bus:
We never know quite what we’re going to get each morning with that girl…sometimes it’s all smiles and laughing, and other mornings we can’t quite crack that scowl.

Elle took this picture:
I think it’s beautiful.

Lucy LOVES her green smoothies:
That girls “drinks” a LOT of spinach.

Elle has taken it upon herself to personally keep her mother organized. She writes me little notes all the time to keep me on task (she knows me well enough to know I need them).

She even reminds me to get some sleep, since I don’t do that very often. This was on my computer the other night:
Grace is gradually growing out of her obsession with wearing bracelets up to her elbows. I couldn’t be happier.

Max unpicked all these badges he accidentally instructed me to sew on the wrong side of his sash thingy. Now he’s all situated again.
Seriously, if a woman was in charge of scouts all those things would be self adhesive. And life would be SO much easier.

Lu really is turning into a “big girl” (albeit one who throws a whole slew of tantrums, but is potty trained). (Please excuse the blurry picture.) We had to write it up on our chalk board because we are all quite proud of her. She is even dry most nights and now finally will use the facilities on her own accord without us setting the good old timer for her. Man alive I can’t even say how thankful I am for that.

Elle finally has reached what she would call her “glory days” where she gets to be a “Young Woman” at church. One of the greatest benefits in her mind:…baptisms for the dead. I swear it was more exciting to her than going to the moon would be. She was beaming the night my friend and I took her for her first time along with her friend.

Grace and Claire have started up gymnastics at this whiz-bang place:
It equals the excitement Elle has for Young Women. Boy howdy do they ever perk up when it’s time to go to gymnastics.

Grace & Claire participated in our ward talent show with their friends (surprise, surprise …seriously those girls can’t get enough of performing…so much that sometimes I have to wonder how in the world they could be related to me).
Dave’s toenail loss tally is now up to four. And I think a fifth is in the process…only two more weeks ’til he can sit around and eat Doritos.

I remembered to put on make-up yesterday after two days of forgetting. I’m losing it. Because of my mind-loss, my kids sometimes look at me like this:
But life is good, despite the mind loss, toenail losses and tantrums. It only reached a high of 97 degrees the other day. I wore a sweater. Yes, life is good.

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  1. Life is so fun, isn't it? We are enjoying an exceptionally warm and beautiful September here in AK. It has been in the high 50s and 60s during the day. I am thrilled that I can still wear my flip-flops! πŸ™‚ Seriously can't imagine life in AZ, but the sunset is beautiful.


  2. OK you do know about Badge Magic, right? I think that's what it's called… and adhesive that comes in the exact size and shape of scouting badges. You don't even have to iron them! Just toss the shirt in the dryer for a minute.

  3. Okay, I want to know how tall your brother is? My oldest is 6'7"–so now looking at your pictures, I'm curious.

    Yes, that sky looks totally fake. Makes me miss Arizona…

    And yes, life is good.

  4. So glad someone posted about Badge Magic…I iron and then throw them in the dryer and they stick wonderfully! Long gone will be your days of patch sewing…hooray! πŸ™‚

    PS. I really enjoy your blog!

  5. Wow, you guys have been busy! Congrats to Lucy on the potty training! And that picture that Elle took of the sunflower is beautiful! She has some real talent!

  6. My brother is 6'9" Yeah, he's TALL.

    I don't have the smoothie recipe down to a science…we just stick in a bunch of fruit, a little yogurt, ice and water and mix it up. Lucy is the only one we can get to drink it after the spinach is mixed in, so when there's like an inch left of the fruit smoothie (after everyone else has had some) I fill the blender up with spinach and mix it for Lucy. She LOVES it.

    Thanks for the Badge Magic tip…we'll have to try it…but even better, I should teach Max to sew those things on. Good idea, Jennifer.

  7. You should post the recipe for the green drink (could use that on my little one) and the recipe for your favorite rolls. I have used a salad recipe of yours and a cookie one and they have become some of our favorites. Also, please post some of your favorite stores for clothes…kids and adults.

  8. What amazing pictures…start to finish!!! Loved every one and every word. Love the spinach! Remember that she loves that carrot juice from Costco too! Good for those eyes!

    Love ya'll!

  9. I β™₯ your blog and don't read or comment near enough. Keep up the good work in helping all us bloggers be better!
    PS – do you know about badge magic? It's a saving grace for any scout Mom or wife of a leader. You can buy it at the scout store and it's awesome! Sticks all those patches right on in nothing flat!!

  10. I check in from time to time since I grew up an AZ native, am an aspiring photographer and love to read your take on parenting. Today I have to comment on none of the above…

    Instead, Mexican Food. I live in the DC area now (30 minutes out, in Maryland) and there is NO Mexican food here. At least, not AZ Mexican food. So, I have to know- what's your favorite place around there? And, (sidebar) how have I never seen a photo of your family at Oregano's for pizza? Oh man, Lucy would love playing with the dough there, and then they bake it for her. There's one in Mesa and Gilbert now… I Digress. My favorite Mexican food is a TINY hole in the wall in PHX. If you go to the Arizona Science Center it's not far from there. Ritos. On Roosevelt. Limited hours, crazy good food. If you like refried beans at all, get a bean burrito enchilada style. If you're more a meat person, green chili burrito enchilada style. Thank me later. πŸ˜‰

  11. Ooooo Nancy, I'll definitely have to try your recommendations. Thx! We di LOVE Oreganos. As far as Mexican food in dc goes, there's not much there. I remember when we lived there we were ecstatic when we finally got a Baja fresh.

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