There is power in light.
That’s why we chose “be the light” as our school-year motto last year (back HERE).  
Lucy still prays for us all to “be lights” pretty much every prayer she offers.
I’m so glad for the reminder.
I think light can be almost tangible.  Something as simple as a smile or a kind word shared on a hard day brings power and shines beauty.

I do believe we have the power to change lives for the better if we let our lights shine, and if we let our hearts be soft enough to learn, and notice the lights that shine from others.
I don’t know how it all works, but I like to think that that light that can come from inside a person is made up somehow of the same stuff as light that bathes things in beauty around us.  
Especially at that “golden hour” of the day.
I could hardly stand how gorgeous the light was one night on a neighborhood walk.

It almost cancelled out the fact that the light wasn’t coming from the inside of my girls that night. 

They weren’t in the mood to soak in all that beauty for some reason or another.

Oh sure, you may think that internal light could be shining from this picture:

But nope, this girl wasn’t having it.

 Neither were these girls:

(Those smiles are faking it.)

But this one is real:

I was mesmerized by it all so much that I had to take in a little study of light on the plants in our front yard after my other unwilling subjects had marched into the air conditioning:


It took my breath away.

Those girls may not have been shining their own lights on that walking night, but this other night when I went to join them for a swim they sure were.

Why does it give children so much delight when their mother dives in and gets her hair wet? 

I don’t know but if it gives smiles like that I better do it more often 🙂

Loved that they let me take their pictures bathed in that light.

Yes, light has the power to make things beautiful inside and out.

I’m going to have to make more studies of both kinds.

Challenge: (to me too, of course)…let’s put forth a conscious effort to spread some extra light in a deliberate way today. 

Happy Monday!

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  1. This is why yours is the only blog I take the time to read. You’ve filled this heart of mine and inspired me to do more good and raise my sights again and again over the years, but in a way that I feel less guilt and more hope that I can…especially in the trenches of new motherhood where I’ve found myself burying my head down and just trudging through more than a time or two. And just like that, one of your posts lifts my heart and causes me to pick my head back up and look around at all of the beauty and opportunities to grow.
    I would say you have a gift with words, but that’s too shallow a phrase. I can feel how much your heart just wants this space to be one where you can share your heart to do good. You really are making a difference and I hope your heart will be continuously reminded of that.

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