Happy December!

We all woke up and said “rabbit” first thing this morning.

Because it’s December 1st and according to Dave’s family, that one little word said first thing before anything else will bring you good luck all month.
So now December has no choice, it’s gonna be a good one 🙂
We watched the first video for the Mormon “Light the World” campaign for our family devotional this morning:

And were encouraged to “freely give” for the first day:

With these suggestions at mormon.org:

(Not sure why that’s a little blurry…go HERE to see the real deal and get more ideas.)

We all left with a challenge to really do this today and report back what we did at our devotional tomorrow.  Love love love those little ideas that can make a big difference.

I just love this initiative with all my heart and will always have a special spot in my heart for the video from last year:

That part at the end makes me tear up every time.
Here’s the calendar for what’s coming.

 December is the best.

If we can just slip out of the “race” it has become.
I’m trying to slip out of that thing because already in the last month it has become one.  It seems like we’ve just gone from one thing to the next for so long, accompanied by so very little sleep which is the perfect recipe for a good little freak-out.  Which I morphed into as I singlehandedly decorated the whole house the other night while everyone else sat and watched Elf.
Ok, they did help a tad…I even have a time-lapse video to prove it, but I’m thinking that seems like a Christmas tradition that should probably shift around a tad.  Maybe next year we’ll watch Elf after the work is done.  But I did have a little melt down and decided things need to slow down around here.  I’m going to make it happen.  I’ll let you know if I come up with any grand solutions.
Dave and I are worried about every child of ours in such different ways right now.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, parenting sure isn’t for the weak of heart, is it?  I loved my conversation with my sis-in-law the other day who reminded me the power of prayer.  There is so much power and direction for action to be found in heart-felt, wrestling prayer, and I’m full-on praying my guts out for each of them these days.  Dave too.  
Bo has eaten three ornaments and ripped apart a garland so far, but we’re forgiving her because when she looks at the tree and all the Christmas paraphernalia she cocks her head to one side in such interest it delights the kids like nobody’s business and they are so dang in love with that dog of ours.  
It’s been cloudy and only high seventies the last couple days and I think it’s so funny that cloudy days make your heart sing here in the desert.  Of course, I love the sunny ones too, but something about a cloudy day just does something for your soul as it changes things up.
I’m sending off Max’s Christmas box today (if anyone has great ideas to add last minute let me know!).  There are no words to express how much I miss that boy of mine right now.  It physically hurts to even think about him these days.  I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true.  Especially since ten of the 14 kids he left with will be home by December 18th.  I know he is happy to be there and made this conscious choice to stay one more Christmas and soak up the last couple months that he’ll never get back.  Blah blah blah.  It’s all great and we’re so happy for him and all the growth and goodness going on in that boy’s life, but man alive we miss that kid.  Grace went to bed bawling the other night thinking of him and how much she misses him.  We are counting down the days until Christmas so we can see that face live.  And then he’ll be HOME just a little over a month after that.  
So, there we go, rambling thoughts for December 1st.
It’s been a crazy few weeks filled with so much goodness and wonder, and now I’m hoping to slow down.  Saying “rabbit” and adding a little “LIGHTtheWORLD” is the best remedy to help slow down I think.  I mean, for SURE “rabbit” is.  Ha!!
Happy December.


  1. Oh man, you are such a delight, Shawni! You have a wonderful sense of humour (and warmth, too, of course!). You have my very favourite blog because of your authenticity — it is a perfect balance of relatability and motivation… and I also appreciate that it is not just ads and sponsored posts(!!). I also love all the work and organization your church does for the month of December. I use the lessons and challenges in my own secular life. There is so much goodness to share and I appreciate you being my link to the great things put out and organized by the members of your faith. Happy December 🙂

  2. Doesn't December seem to run away in a hurry? I'm also making the conscious choice to slow our time and commitments this month. Happy December, friend.

  3. I relate to the worrying about each child… and the lack of sleep freakout. 😉. Prayer is power. It's true these children of ours, we don't know them as well has God, and as well as their Savior. I try to remember that as I attempt to understand what each one of them needs. Parenting has made me sepend on the Lord more than anything that came before. Realliferealjoy.com

    1. we have kids in their 30s and we still worry, pray, trust, and then worry some more.
      As far as the hustle and bustle: try to contemplate the truth that Less is More. It really is! The kids would be happier with fewer decorations, fewer parties, fewer hikes, presents, activities, & hoopla to have a momma that is relaxed and fully present! Just my own truth from 61 years of navigating this life. Less is more.

  4. I only have 2 kids (5 and 3) but I can relate to that intense worry. Especially with my older one right now. Prayer works. My problem is there are 100000 distractions that get in my way. I really enjoy your blog ♥

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