I love how kids seem to have so many fewer inhibitions than adults do in so many ways.

When we asked our Activity Day girls if they had any service ideas this month they perked up with the idea of singing at a rest home. 

So we set it up and they were pleased as punch to be embarking on their Christmas performance.

We had an electric guitarist:

 A violinist:

And a clarinetist:

…and a sweet audience who were almost as excited to listen as the kids were to perform 🙂

My friend brought chocolates to pass out to each one, and my favorite part was when all those little girls passed out the chocolates and had some little chats with the residents, smiles all around.

We sang songs too…this was in another dining room after the first one:

And then we went to an even smaller little audience in the “memory loss” section of this home where these girls sung their hearts out once more.

The girls were so excited and wanted to do even more so we sang to the line of customers at the gas station where we stopped quick for hot chocolate on our way home.
This kind of goes in sync with the initiative to #LightYourCommunity this week…here’s a little video.

Thank you, sweet girls of ours, for teaching us such a good example of your desire to #LightTheWorld.

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  1. When I served as a missionary in Arizona- we did service at a rest home. It was my absolute FAVORITE place to serve. This made my heart happy!

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