Yesterday was Max’s p-day again.  
We were all in the car driving and read his letter together.  
It was a good long one, full of funny stories and some pretty cute advice for the girls.
After we read it we all just sat there smiling from ear to ear with hearts brimming up with love for that boy of ours.
…except for Lucy who, although I’m sure had a full heart just like us, wasn’t smiling.  She just kept sadly saying how much she misses him.  These girls sure love that brother of theirs.  
Dave and I were chuckling about the stories all day.
Max sent some pictures this week, but first, let’s check out these two Taiwan missionaries in our family to see if they look the same.
Here’s Max at the big MTC map where it’s kind of a tradition to point to where you’re going:

…and here’s Dave pointing to the same spot on the same map all those years ago:

Here’s Max ready to head out on his mission:
And here’s Dave:

Kind of fun they get to share such a similar experience.

Max leaves for Taiwan in less than two weeks.  So crazy!  Dave is especially excited for him since he will “get” so much of what he’s learning and doing over there.

Ok, here’s a picture from Max this week:

…and one from his cute companion we love without even meeting him:
Max shared some pretty funny stuff and some great thoughts about what he’s been learning and his companion shared a pretty cool story about how the two of them got to teach a guy the gospel who was from Guatemala (lots more details that were pretty touching with that story but it’s not really my story to tell).  Love that we get to hear from both for the last few weeks and how their stories compliment each other so well.  
Missions are the best.

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