Right now I feel like I am in a dead-run to the finish line. And that finish line is when that last school bell rings.  Oh man, I just can’t wait. Until then, I just keep having these little celebrations inside my mind: Last soccer practice with following team party and awards:2013-04-22 misc 739822013-04-22 misc 73991 Check. Last choir singing practice and amazing concert (more about that at the end of the posts about Grace and Claire back here and here…and some people asked what the choral organization is called…more info. about that here):2013-04-20 BYU girls trip 735772013-04-20 misc 73946 Check. Awards ceremony for “golden scholars” at the high school:2013-04-24 misc 740742013-04-24 misc 740782013-04-24 misc 740802013-04-24 misc 740822013-04-24 misc 74084 Awards ceremony at the elementary school for honors students:2013-05-02 misc 748562013-05-02 misc 74862 Check. Last swim team practice (that I had to miss because of a volleyball game) where Lu took first and second in some mock swim meet dealios:2013-05-02 misc 74846 Check. Last Art Masterpieces taught and two bulletin boards prepared for the “Art Walk” for Family Fun Night:2013-04-26 iPhone 750272013-04-26 iPhone 75031(I thanked my lucky stars my friend did the one for the sixth graders…I am not a fan of whipping up cute bulletin boards.  At all.) Check. Family Fun Night (which we loved BTW, because Dave and I got to hang with our little girls and watched Lu attempt and have victory over this huge climb-up thing). 2013-04-26 iPhone 75028 Check. Last half-day dress up (I think):2013-05-01 iPhone 750522013-05-01 iPhone 75060 Check. Last time staying up past midnight to help with a super important English project:2013-05-05 misc 750832013-05-06 misc 750842013-05-06 misc 75085(But I’ll be honest, the memory of hanging out late with that boy burning the edges of cardboard out on the back porch for special effects will stick with me for a while…loved it.) Yes that was a mustache you passed just a second ago…can’t get him to shave it off he’s so proud… Check. Last time to get to two high school sports tournaments and piano lessons, tennis practice for Claire and swim team all at the same time on a what-seems-like-continually empty tank of gas. 2013-04-17 iPhone 73630 Check. Oh there are so many more celebrations in the next couple weeks until we get to that finish line, but I’m pleased as punch some of them are under our belts for now.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful for all these good things.  But I’m so tired.  And I’m sure my friends are tired of having to kick in to help so much to get everyone everywhere they need to be because I can’t do it.  Man, I am SO grateful for good friends and carpools and most especially for Dave because he is so very helpful with it all when he’s around.  But I’m determined we’re not going to cram in quite so much next year. Summer, can’t wait to greet you.

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  1. i'm tired readin that, so can't imagine how you must feel!!!
    I am going to remind you In Sept about not doing so much ahahha.
    I laughed at Max.. love the tash ahahha.

    hows the new house coming along? can we have a sneak peak yet?

  2. Whew! Next year you need to just sit around and watch soap operas 🙂

    What a great little tribe you have! I'm swooning over Lucy with her ribbons. Hooray for swimming!

  3. My daughter is loving Elle's white&red houndstooth check shirt and the turquoise necklace she's wearing with it. Hopefully not sounding too much like stalkers can we please ask where you got them? thanks;)

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