I’m here to talk about a Christmas idea.
Yes, we’re just barely to Halloween, but every year about this time I start to wonder what we can do to make this Christmas season less hectic, less rushed, and most importantly, more Christ-focused.  
Last week we received a gift in the mail and it’s something I want to share because I think it’s a great idea to help with the Christ-focused part of Christmas, especially for young families.  And hey, when you’re truly Christ-focused, the chaotic, hectic stuff tends to take a back seat to what is really most important.
Here’s the deal:

It’s kind of a twist on the “Elf on the Shelf” but rather than reporting back to Santa like the elf does, the little lamb serves as a reminder of the story of Christ’s birth.  (And it’s soft and cuddly too 🙂

It comes with a little book that tells the story from Bethlehem from this little lamb’s point of view:

(and it includes scripture verses to go with the story…I’m always looking for a good scripture guide to lead up to the holidays…maybe this will be good for us to use for family devotional)

 And then gives ideas about how to remember the Savior around Christmas-time.

 Just a little idea to get us in gear as we slide into the holiday season.

Click HERE for more information…it looks like it would be a pretty fun site for kids with advent calendar ideas, and you can “adopt a lamb.”  Or you can purchase HERE.
Enjoy, and I’d love to hear other ideas people have to gear up for a Christ-centered Christmas!
**This is a sponsored post.  I rarely do these but my gratitude is so genuine for anything that helps us all remember the true meaning of Christmas, I’m glad I get to share 🙂 


  1. Hi Shawni,
    I am excited about your post. We have a little unseen elf named Shay who brings us a treat and suggestions for service to do that day. Shay leaves us messages to remind us about the Savior. My kids are mostly big now but they still love Shay and the married kids are inviting Shay to visit their homes too. One idea that you might enjoy is Advent. Pres. Uchtdorf talked about Advent during the 2010 First Presidence Christmas Devotional https://www.lds.org/broadcasts/article/christmas-devotional/2010/12/seeing-christmas-through-new-eyes?lang=eng (I hope the link works for you. If it doesn't then look up the talk by Pres. Uchtdorf called "Seeing Christmas Through New Eyes) Basically it is a celebration the 4 Sundays before Christmas to prepare for the celebraton of Christs birth. I believe it is a German tradition, but it might be a European tradition. We love Advent and it really helps us to focus more on Christ and we have customized our celebration of Advent to fit our family. Even the older kids count down to the first Sunday of Advent. If you want more details of what we do, I will gladly share with you if you email me. My email is itsallboys@yahoo.com (I have six sons and my 4th son just got home from his mission to Argentina)

    1. It's been proven that Jesus wasn't born anywhere near December 25th. Does that matter, or is the fact that you're celebrating his birth at all what counts? If so, does it bother you that the date chosen to celebrate his birth is actually a pagan feast day of Saturnalia? Just wondering.

    2. I just emailed you Shelly, thank you! I love the Shay idea as well. Tabby, to me the date doesn't matter, it's the celebration of His birth that does.

    3. Hi Tabby,
      I try to celebrate it all year long to remember Him and His purpose here on earth for us. To me Christmas isn't all the commercial stuff, it's love, family, service, kindness, Joy, peace and did I mention Love? I know He wasn't born on December 25, but much of the Christian world celebrates it then, so I participate for all the goodness that I believe it adds to our crazy, mixed up world. But like I said, I celebrate it all year long and specifically in April too, complete with nativities, special dinner, stories, music, lights, secret acts of service and a simple meaningful gift, usually homemade for the kids.

      Thanks Shawni! I replied to you as well.

  2. I've used "The Shepherd on the Search" with my little ones at Sunday School – my own kids being are too old for it now.


    My daughter is away at Uni now – and this year for we are both going to read "Haphazrd by Starlight" – a poem and discussion every day for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany. We both have a copy and can share it while she is away – and then home for the actual holiday.


  3. Love this! Thank you for the prompt as that is one thing I’ve forgot to put on the Christmas List is something religion based for Christmas Eve box which is so so important! This would have been perfect (always have the Christmas story book) for my little boy but I’m in the UK, will have to see if I can get a hold of it.

    Loving your gorgeous blog & your insights really makes me feel connected again with my LDS background!

  4. We have done a similar thing- it's a book called The Giving Manger- it comes with a little tiny creche and hay for the manger. Every time an act of service is performed by a family member, he or she gets to add a piece of hay to the manger, getting it ready for the baby Jesus on Christmas Eve. https://www.thegivingmanger.com

    1. Inspired by an old family tradition we do the empty manger and fill it with straw when we do service as well and I love it! I love that the giving manger has taken it up a notch very beautifully with a book and everything needed.

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