Happy Memorial Day!

We are celebrating Max’s 14th birthday today since he’ll be gone on a “High Adventure Activity” for the real deal this week. More about that later. For now I just wanted to post some links for you:

Click here to find out about the company three of my brothers work for.

That clip kinda gives me chills because I love how much good one program can do. And I’m proud of my brothers for being part of it.

Also if you don’t know about it already, click here to see the Values Parenting blog my Mom keeps up. I love my mother.

And click here to see an interview with me and the National Mother of the Year (she’s awesome). Yes, I am aware that my mouth moves sideways when I talk 🙂


  1. Shawni – I love this! You are such an inspiration to me. It was so fun to "watch you share your thoughts" since I've never met you and am so used to "reading your thoughts." So proud of you!!!

  2. That was a great interview. Seriously. Now this question is going to be one for the books: where did you get your fishnet nylons?! I've been looking all over! 😉

  3. Thank you for sharing the interview video! I really enjoyed listening to you and Ernestine, such great insights to motherhood! You are both very poised and wise mothers!

  4. what a great interview. I loved to be inspired by good women. I also have a question for a Q & A, how do you find time for everything. Especially the mundane things like cleaning your house, laundry, making meals, i feel like some days thats all i do, and that just to keep my household going!!.. i would love to hear some tips!

  5. That was a wonderful interview. You looked very pretty.
    You do not talk out of the side of your mouth! If you do, you are the only one that notices it.
    It was interesting to hear you say the words Bardet Biedl. I was pronouncing it differently for quite awhile.
    Just bought your parents latest book from Deseret Book. I may just have to start stockpiling those now since "A Mother's Book of Secrets" seems to be sold out.

  6. I just wanted to say, I know what you mean about talking out of the side of your mouth! I do the same thing, or I wouldn't have noticed – I do it when I am nervous and had no clue until it was pointed out to me 🙂

  7. Loved seeing this TV show again Shawni! Even though I was right there in the room I heard some new things! Good job!

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