2013-05-31 summer 764272013-05-31 summer 76433
2013-06-17 summer 792732013-06-17 iPhone 797552013-06-17 iPhone 79756
2013-04-26 iPhone 75032
Grace’s volleyball camp:2013-06-06 iPhone 79719
2013-06-16 summer 792462013-06-16 summer 792472013-06-16 summer 792592013-06-16 summer 792672013-06-16 summer 79269
My friend organized this neighborhood progressive play-date.  These girls (plus a lot more…I think there were 18 of them all together).IMG951393They made breakfast at one house, made bracelets at another, played games at another, and lunch at another.At our house we did nails and swimming.2013-06-19 iPhone 797802013-06-19 summer 79287
I have taken over the dining table for my house work.2013-06-19 iPhone 79786
That’s where I stay up all night trying to figure out cabinet configurations lately.2013-06-18 iPhone 79759
And this is where we have spent the majority of our summer.2013-06-20 iPhone 79793
…and here too:2013-06-20 iPhone 79800
Dave’s sister and a friend came for dinner and to visit. 2013-06-19 summer 79302These kids always love seeing Carol Lynn.

I ran into my old high school friend at Target:2013-05-06 misc. 75325
Grace and her friend threw a surprise party for their friend.2013-06-19 summer 793042013-06-19 summer 793082013-06-19 summer 793102013-06-19 summer 79320It made her day.

Grace took off for her first Girls’ Camp:2013-06-20 iPhone 79788
And Elle left the day after since she had to be at summer school:2013-06-20 iPhone 79839
While they were gone these girls and I hung.2013-06-22 iPhone 79855
And visited the Apple Store to fix my computer which has been a pretty big ordeal I tell you.2013-06-20 iPhone 79815
And Max worked his little heart out at the new house (back here).

Then the big girls came home refreshed and spiritually rejuvenated.2013-06-22 summer 79322
And exhausted and dirty and happy as can be.2013-06-22 summer 79324
My patriotic teaching-singing partner in church:2013-06-30 untitled 80083She sure makes my job fun.

Now we are here:2013-07-09 Coronado 81005
Soaking up love from cousins in my happy place.

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  1. It's great to get all these updates on your summer 🙂 I'm excited to hear how it was at bear lake and when you are moving? This house building project looks like a it's going to be a long process!
    Greetings from Germany, Jasmin

  2. Love the post. 🙂 I'm wondering when a good age is to start letting my kids do real chores. They are all pretty little and I'm not sure how to break in to them doing more around the house. Any tips?

    So are you guys building a house or remodeling the one you posted about a long time ago? It looks like you're doing a new construction?

  3. I love the Girls Camp theme, shirts, logo. Can you put me in touch with the camp director or send a link for where information about their camp and theme may be posted. shaunahh at gmail dot com

  4. Love how Lucy coordinates her bathing suit with her vacuuming. Love the bucket list. Love your pool. Perhaps I should buy your house and move across country for that. LOL.

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