A football game: 2012-08-31-iPhone-599963 …on a beautiful night.2012-08-31 iPhone 59995[2] The flour game:2012-09-02-recipes-600373(The flour game is just a game where you use a cup to make a flour mold on a plate and put a penny on the top of it.  Each player has to slice through the flour trying to keep it as still as possible, because if it falls you have to be the one to fish out the penny with your mouth.) A bunch of ragamuffins taking treats to the new neighbors:2012-09-09-misc-602293 Grace is in student council so she helps with things like “Grandparents Day.”2012-09-07-AZ-Grand-601763 …where her mother is the surrogate grandparent every year since the grandparents don’t live close-by.2012-09-07-AZ-Grand-601783 This is where I found the girls at the book fair when I lost them for a little bit…2012-09-07-AZ-Grand-601793 Sunsets.2012-09-05 iPhone 60354 Lunch date with my girl:2012-09-06 iPhone 60357 Tennis carpool:2012-09-06 iPhone 60359 A dust storm:2012-09-06 iPhone 60360 Dave has been asking for white towels forever (not sure why he loves them so much).  I finally bought him some.2012-09-07 iPhone 60366 These are the guys who boss us around in our morning workouts.  2012-09-19 iPhone 61156 And they didn’t even get mad at me that I broke a weight:2012-09-12 iPhone 60398Anyone local want to join us?  I really love this place.  It’s called TI Fitness and it’s on Warner and Greenfield. I don’t think it should still be this hot right now:2012-09-19 iPhone 61157 Lucy is loving swim class. 2012-09-11 iPhone 60397 It’s cooling off enough for tennis tournaments…2012-09-15 Barney ranch 60430 …as long as they’re at night.2012-09-15 Barney ranch 604482012-09-15 Barney ranch 60449 Dave gave our children the most beautiful beginning-of-school father’s blessings.2012-09-16 Barney ranch 60476 The air was thick with the spirit.  So grateful for his fatherhood and wisdom…and that he seeks it from above.2012-09-16 Barney ranch 60478 Max cannot fill his stomach to save his soul.  He is always whipping up something to ward off his constant hunger.  Bean burritos are the food of choice lately.2012-09-18 iPhone 61152…and sometimes omelets. Lest anyone thinks our “International Nights” are all-out every week, one week we had “Italian Night.”  Dave was out of town.  We ate calzones from Costco on paper plates and I pulled out my art history books to tell them about the amazing art in Florence and talked about the Colosseum in Rome.  Fifteen minutes before we had to leave for gymnastics I got suckered into a lighting fast trip for some gelato.2012-09-19 iPhone 611582012-09-19 iPhone 61161Because really, how can you have Italian night without gelato?  Mmmmm. And last week we had Navajo Nation night at the ward fundraiser because they were having Navajo tacos there.  But sure not much cultural learning happening there.  Yeah, some nights are better real culture nights than others… you win some, you lose some.  Happy Tuesday!

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  1. so i just love when you do these random posts! i got a good laugh out of your bean container. i save all of my old sandwich meat containers for the same reason. my husband calls them my hill billy tupperware but they're perfect! and my good tupperware is always finding its way to new homes anyways. 🙂

  2. Teenage boys eat A LOT!! That makes me laugh, we have three at home right now and boy can they burn through the groceries. I get the strangest looks with 8 gallons of milk in the grocery cart and we're lucky if it lasts a week!!

  3. When we need a quick meal/snack we do bean burritos too, but we just use a can of chili (meat/beans), and all the fixings. Super quick and yummy!

  4. Hi Shawni,

    I commented on one of your posts a while back, and just have another question for you…

    Do you have a mailbox or PO box we/I could send mail too? i saw in an older post you got a necklace sent to you and I'm wondering where I could send something.


  5. Glad to hear someone else prefers white towels. They look fresh and zesty anywhere you put em. The best part? You can boil them like lobsters and they never run all over your other clothes. Nirvana.

  6. I love the white towels-lol.
    To know a man actually chooses these brings me joy! I had an ex who refused to use white towels! He told me his mother once said she could tell how dirty he really was by using them! I never, lol. Love your blog xo

  7. Mars and Deanna, that gym is called TI Fitness and it's not crossfit (although I was so naive that I thought it was cross-fit when I started). It's a little similar to cross-fit with what we do but it's more group training. I really like it. It's on Warner and Greenfield.

  8. Oh and the flour game is just a game where you use a cup to make a flour mold on a place and put a penny on the top of it. Each player has to slice through the flour trying to keep it as still as possible, because if it falls you have to be the one to fish out the penny with your mouth. I'll have to add that to this post to explain it.

    Also, Molly, you can send things to 4838 East Baseline Road Mesa, AZ 85206 if you'd like.

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