Here are some “little things” that happened before we left for the summer. I’m so far behind but I want to remember this stuff!  While I was gone on one of those crazy trips at the end of the school year Elle had her first church dance (14 and up).  My friend sent me this pic.  2012-06-17 duke 52390Oh I sure love all those good friends of hers.  And I think it’s funny that it’s happening: she’s starting to borrow my shirts.  She doesn’t seem to mind that they drown her. The kids all took up some exercise for their summer goals.  Dave is trying to teach Grace the joys of running here:2012-06-14 duke 52346 I finished my “Mother’s Day card” for my mom like a month after Mother’s Day (after I finally decided to pay Elle to color it for me). 2012-06-21 summer 52507 It shows everyone in the family and what they’re up to that year, plus what they say that is funny.  The idea is to freeze that point in time and it’s been a Mother’s Day gift tradition for years and years since all nine of us kids were still at home (my sisters used to help me…everyone still helps come up with the funny things their family says and does to capture).  This is the last year because it’s just getting too hard and complicated to do (too many people in our family! :), but I’m happy we have as many years as we do covered. My cousin came for a surprise visit.  He’s a pediatrician and he and his family just moved to Boise if anyone is looking for a good one…2012-06-21 summer 52514 Dave and I celebrated anniversary number 17. 2012-06-23 summer 52808We had the best date just hanging out.  Love him. Old news but couldn’t leave out Claire’s soccer award now that we’re about to start soccer again (I’m bracing myself).2012-06-24 summer 52563 This is how Dave gives lessons at Family Home Evening after church on Sundays (it’s not always him, we take turns with the kids every once in a while).2012-06-24 summer 52564He is a good dad.  Plus he’s really easy on the eyes:) He’s gonna get mad at me for posting that “action” shot but I love it. Grace’s friends decorated the front door for her birthday:2012-06-28 summer 52864(I think I forgot to put that one back here). After having grand ideas with my friend about doing a “Monthly Service” with our kids, she went ahead and set one up for us.  (Love that Claudia:) We went and put together food kits for a place called “Feed My Starving Children.”2012-06-27 summer 528172012-06-27 iPhone summer 560992012-06-27 summer 52820 These kits get sent all over the world to places in need.2012-06-27 summer 52822 They showed a really cool video that got the kids (and us moms) so excited about being able to reach out of our little part of the desert.2012-06-27 summer 52824 We also got to hang out with these “service friends” a little bit which we don’t get to do too much since they moved into the big city.  We adore all these girls.2012-06-28 summer 52858 Max and Elle were thrilled that they got to get vaccinations for India:2012-06-29 summer 56068 We did a LOT of swimming over the summer.2012-06-30 summer 53223This day in particular was one we spent with our sweet neighbor and her daughter who were moving.  To watch my older kids cajole her to jump off that ledge and to see all their smiles made me wish with all my heart we could just keep having more little kids for them to “mother.”  2012-06-30 summer 53230 They love this little girl so much and we miss them already!2012-06-30 summer 53232 Josh always makes swimming more fun.2012-06-30 summer 532372012-06-30 summer 532392012-06-30 summer 53241 Elle counted down her days to EFY like it was better than Christmas morning.2012-07-01 summer 53264Which I think it almost might have been…more about that later. I have loved watching my brother Josh help my girls with all their technical questions.  He is SO ultra patient with all of us teaching us so much.2012-07-01 summer 53288 Lucy found some make-up.2012-07-02 summer 53292 She also had a summer school class that she liked while it lasted before we took off for some trips.2012-07-02 iPhone summer 56115 Here’s our kitchen while getting ready to be gone for so long:2012-07-02 summer 53306 …and our endless lists of jobs and extra things to get done:2012-07-02 summer 53311 And then we were off to make some awesome family memories.2012-07-03 iPhone summer 561462012-07-04 iPhone summer 56149 …and some awesome shoe choices to get out and stretch at gas stations.2012-07-07 iPhone summer 56184 Coronado for the 4th of July was the first stop…2012-07-04 iPhone summer 56155 …and that’s coming tomorrow.

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  1. I just pinned your Mother's Day card! Such a cute idea. Growing up my family always had FHE on Sundays as well, and we hold it on Sundays with our little family too. Sunday is the only day when it's guarantee to happen with a late work schedule and kids activities.

  2. I can't find your email address and have a question for you. What kind of car do yall drive and do you LOVE it?? We are a family of 6 with 4 boys and travel alot…like yall. We are looking for a new car and I was just wondering what kind yall have.

  3. I'm so glad you posted the picture of your finished Mother's Day card. I remember when you first showed the beginnings of it, & I was anxious to see the finished product.

  4. shawni,
    I have a question
    Now that Lu is getting older, and starting school etc, do you feel 'pressure' of going to work, either part time, full time, or whatever?? ( and i don't mean by Dave), but in general?

    my little one start kinder this year, and its full days 3x a week.. and i have never thought about it until now. LOL

  5. it's the last year for mother's day cards? you're the coolest and i love you. we really need to talk on the phone about india and everything.

  6. Hi Shawni,

    Well, in fact, I DO live in Boise and I am looking for a pediatrician, so would you mind passing along your cousins name and information? I have a lot of friends that are also looking for a pediatrician so I can always pass on his name to them! THANKS!

  7. i don't know why my comments always get deleted… but i didn't know this is the last year for the mother's day card!

    love you lots. also, i think adam and kimberly are in twin falls or idaho falls (can never remember which one) – not boise 🙂

    you're the best. we need to talk on the phone soon!!

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